Use The Slow Season To Advertise Your Cleaning Business

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The winter and early spring months are slow for most window washing companies. While your commercial clients may still maintain their contracts through the winter months, residential clients will not resume until the snow melts and the weather heats up again. Many business owners will take this opportunity to go on vacation, relax, and enjoy time with their families, but you could also better your business in the process. The guide below shows the examples of how to use the slow season to advertise your cleaning business.

Lock In New Contracts For Your Cleaning Business

Do you ever feel like you do not have enough time to go meet potential clients face to face anymore? That is what the slow season is all about. You can talk to business owners before their businesses open to secure contracts ahead of the competition. You could also reach out to people who are not thinking about window cleaning just yet to gain leads when no one else is. Put yourself out there and make as many connections as you possibly can. You might be able to fill up your entire summer schedule just with the advertising you do in the winter.

Connect With Other Businesses Experiencing A Slow Season

The cold months don’t just impact the window cleaning industry. Realtors, property managers, roofers, general contractors, landscapers, and other cleaning businesses are going through a lull just like you. If you can connect with other businesses during these slow months, you can build lasting relationships guaranteed to improve your customer base. You send clients to them, they send clients to you – everyone wins!

Amp Up Your Website

The winter is the perfect time to enhance your website and improve your internet marketing. The more quality information your website has to offer, the better you will rank on search engines. When someone looks for a window washing business in your area, you will show up at the top of the search. You might also take this time to post before and after photos for your online portfolio so people can see examples of your most recent work. Regularly updating your website will keep customers coming back for more.

Don’t just sit around waiting for the summer to hit. Take advantage of your free time and start building leads for the busy season. The advertising tips above should point you in the right direction so you can make your window cleaning business a success from the start.