Hiring And Training

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Hiring and training new employees is crucial to the continued growth of your business. With the right team by your side, you will keep your customers happy, your workload high, and your bank account full for years to come. Window Academy provides a comprehensive business plan that explains exactly what it takes to expand your business the right way. Learn from our firsthand experience and bypass the pitfalls of hiring a bad employee.

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Expand Your Business The Right Way – Hire The BEST Employees To Build Your Brand

Hiring the right employees will make all the difference in your business expansion. Our training package discusses how to hire good employees at all levels, from the first one to the fiftieth. Learn how to transition from business owner to employer in a matter of weeks, and build your support system from the ground up. With the right people by your side, your profits will do nothing but soar.

Build A Solid Support System To Propel Your Company To Success

Use our detailed training package for new hires to teach them the skills and tricks then need to work for you. Many large window cleaning companies trust Window Academy to train all of their new employees or retrain their existing employees. Our business strategies are designed just for you, but our cleaning techniques can help all of your employees clean windows quickly and effectively. Get expert advice from real pros who have been in your shoes. Call (586) 404-0900 to order your training package today.

Minimize Turnover And Boost Morale Without Sacrificing Your Authority

Already have people working for your business? Great! We’ll show you what it takes to keep them around. Learn valuable ways to minimize turnover, like:

  • How To Be A Boss, Not A Tyrant
  • How To Show Appreciation To Your Workers
  • How To Lead By Example
  • How To Have Trial Employment Periods
  • How To Instill Your Business Goals In Your Employees
  • How To Boost Productivity Levels And Company Morale
  • How To Stay Positive On Long Days On The Job
  • How To Keep Your Workers Loyal
  • How To Hire Family Members

Be the greatest boss you can be and encourage your workers to do their best. The tested and proven strategies outlined in our packaged training program and window cleaning coaching will keep your company thriving for decades.

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