Two Competitors Team Up To Offer You The Ultimate Training Package For A Highly-Profitable Window Cleaning Business

Chris And Rob From Window Academy

This Is A Physical Training Package For Your New Window Washing BusinessIt was a rainy Saturday night, and a few of us were hanging around my dining room table playing cards and talking about different ways to earn a living. One of my friends brought up window cleaning, and said you can make really good money if you hustle at it.

He said there was a guy he new from High School who drove around town with his Ford Pickup and was pulling in over $1100.00 a week with his own window cleaning business. After that night I thought about window cleaning for a couple of days, and the following week decided to do some research online and see what this was all about. What I discovered made me think that starting a window cleaning business could be a really good idea.

Everyone said that getting new customers can be pretty easy if you are willing to do some work. Now personally, I have tons of marketing experience under my belt while working in the fast-food business. This gave me the confidence to get started, and I jumped right in to the window cleaning business without reserve. I’m really glad I did… and now I’m finding a new found gift in life by helping people just like you get into window cleaning.

Easy And Inexpensive Strategies For Making Big Profits From Your New Or Existing Window Cleaning Business

So I admit a few lessons were learned the hard way, but I’m proud to say that I currently own a very successful window cleaning business called Sir Window, LLC, and it services 187 window washing accounts in Macomb County Michigan just north of Detroit. The work is fun and I’m met some really cool people and created a nice business network for myself, and you can to! Going back to 2002, that was the year I teamed-up with a window cleaner buddy of mine named Robert Fisher, and we put our heads together and created this easy-to-follow training package that completely eliminates your learning curve while saving valuable time.

Also, in the last few years we’ve hosted a few window washing seminars and recorded one on DVD for your training package. So, if you’re looking to start window cleaning full or part-time the two of us can easily show you how to do it in about 6-7 hours (Depending on how fast you dig into your new training package). Over the years we’ve made Window Academy a trusted name and helped out hundreds of people just like you. If you’d like to talk about this for a few minutes just give me a give me a call. Also, we publish one of the Internet’s best window cleaning blogs for free window cleaning tips and street-tested secrets. Our newly updated window cleaning business plan has everything you need to start and operate a highly profitable residential or commercial window cleaning business of your own!
Sincerely Christopher L. Bower
Christopher L. Bower
(586) 404-0900

P.S. This is the ONLY window cleaning business plan that comes in a physical training package… The others are just electronic downloads.

Here’s What A Few Successful Window Cleaners Had To Say About Our Proven Window Cleaning Business Plan

Kim Having Fun After Work

I ordered three different business plans and Window Academy was the only one I liked.
It had everything I needed, and they were the only one that mailed me a physical package. The others just e-mailed an electronic file to view on the Internet.

Kim – Tampa, FL


Curt And Amber Celebrating A Birthday

Great stuff, and very inexpensive compared to the value of what we learned. We have now added window cleaning to our janitorial services. Also, Window Academy did a great job of capturing the entire process on video. This gave us a very good picture of how to do this.

Kurt & Amber – Cottleville, MO


Eger Family Window Cleaning

Last week I did a big office park for $1500, and it only took me only three days to finish. 
Many thanks guys from all my family. This week is busy, including a house that pays $800 for just two days work. It’s really nice to be working like this.

Don – Powell, OH


Sarah Beginning To Clean Windows

I really appreciate the efforts to help all your customers excel. I received my training package in less than a week, and everything was easy to understand. 
Your window cleaning forum works great, and more people should take advantage of it.

Sarah – Imperial, MO


Old Guys Can Wash Windows Too

This was easier than I had expected. The work is fun, and I enjoy having a flexible schedule. 
After just three weeks I have contracts with 17 commercial accounts and 4 residential. I am making over $40/hr and my only regret is that I did’t do this sooner. 

Harry – San Diego, CA


I Fired My Boss In Just Two Weeks
Window Academy gave me the training to generate 152 accounts in just over two 1/2 months, and train a crew to do some the window cleaning work for me. Now I’m caught up on all my old bills, working from home, and making more money than ever before.

Patrick – Little Rock, AR


I Love Window Academy's Personal Support And Window Cleaning Coaching
It was on a Saturday evening when I contacted Window Academy via e-mail for my Personal Support, and I really didn’t expect a response at all until Monday. However, within just an hour Chris responded right back on the Forum and answered my question. Great Job!

Steve – Newark, NJ


Detroit Native Paris Starts Window Cleaning
My Platinum business plan provided everything I needed to start my window cleaning business. With my new found independence I work on my terms not someone else’s. I’m also making twice the money I did at my previous job as a waiter. 

Paris Jones – Roswell, GA


Storefront And Small Business Window Washing Expert
I really liked the coaching and by the time I started I felt very confident about selling my window cleaning services. After just one year, my business has earned more income for me than any other job I’ve done for a living. I went from making $10-$15 per hour kind of work to making an average of $50-$60 per hour. I am blown away!!

Scott – Grand Rapids, MI



“How Two Regular Guys Discovered The Greatest Secrets For Starting A Profitable Window Washing Business”

An Easy And Proven Window Cleaning Business Plan

Your first training guide is the exact blueprint of what we used to start our own window cleaning businesses and this comes with extra pages inside for you to take notes. This “Paint-By-Numbers System” is a proven method for showing you how to have a successful window cleaning business of your own.

You’ll learn how to operate a successful residential and commercial window cleaning business step-by-step… The outcome is a highly profitable window cleaning business that you will be proud of, and others will admire.

This window cleaning business guide covers tools of the trade, clear and understandable formulas for bidding jobs, and much much more.


RECENTLY UPDATED  Marketing And Sales-Building Made Easy

Your second training guide is exclusive to the window cleaning business. We tried every kind of marketing out there and then put together what worked the best and gave the fastest results.

Both of us still own and operate window cleaning companies in Metro Detroit, and have helped many men and women just like you start and operate very successful businesses with this proven system.

In addition, we designed this to help each individual develop their own personal marketing style. This works well with any type of personality or experience level in sales or marketing.


NEW ADDITION – Bid Every Window Cleaning Job With Ease

A part of the On-line E course, your third training guide teaches you to master the most challenging part of owning a successful business… bidding your work.

Use this, and get a complete understanding of how to handle the bidding process, and the confidence to approach anyone on the street.

You’ll get work, and price it right every time. Use this, and bidding will always be a breeze. Go it alone and you’ll look like a rookie, waist time and lose money with poor bids.



The Art Of Negotiation, Who Loves It?

You will… After you read this 173 page “Lazy Man’s” Guide that springboards you into better deals and greater profits.

Be completely prepared to bring your services to the market place and enjoy a more profitable business and successfully close deals you couldn’t have before.

You’ll feel better about negotiating and eliminate your learning curve by always having this as a reference (Part of your On-line E Course)


“Now… These Two Pros Offer You The Ultimate System To Start A Highly-Profitable Window Washing Business”

  • Cost controls and how pricing and expenses affect your overall profitability and salary
  • Your operations training guide… Where you should begin and the easiest trail to a very successful window cleaning business
  • Everything you should know on how to start a window washing business from start to finish
  • Laying a solid Internet marketing foundation and advertising your business simply and easily on the Web
  • How to set realistic goals and objectives for yourself – Plan your work and then work your plan
  • Easy accounting and record keeping needs for your new business

Use This Training Package And You’ll End Up With All The Best Accounts And Know How To Keep Them Forever

  • With our NEW business plan on bidding… you’ll accurately bid commercial and residential window cleaning jobs every time
  • You’ll love the ready-to-use spread sheets, checklists, brochures and window cleaning business forms
  • Learn to reduce clean-up time by 27% using our proven “Simple Squeegee Method” (Beginning and intermediate level work)
  • Our Simple Swirl Squeegee Method (as you progress to advanced level work) will save you 33% more time
  • Everything you’ll need to know for selling and servicing store-fronts, strip mall work, ground level and second story buildings
  • A window cleaning tools demonstration, purchasing and how to correctly and safely use them every time

A Physical Training Package PLUS Our New On-line E Course With Immediate Downloads Onto Your Computer:

PLUS you’ll build your business faster with these custom marketing templates… High-performance and professionally designed window marketing templates in an easy-to-use format on Microsoft Word:

Marketing Flyers • Door Hangers • Business Cards • Company Letterhead • Envelopes • Post Cards

Part Of Your Training Package Includes A On-line E Course…

You Get It Immediately After Your Transaction (The Rest Is Mailed To Your Doorstep US Postal Service)

“Online Downloads So You Can Get Started Right Away”

Here are the exact ingredients for a very profitable window cleaning business of your own! We knew didn’t want to wait, so this part of your Platinum Training Package is an Immediate Download.

Now, (In addition to everything mailed in your Platinum Training Package) you’ll get this exclusive window cleaning business starter kit / On-line E Course.

After your transaction is completed, you’ll be directed to our Download Page. Just point and click, and you’ll be on the way to having an awesome window cleaning business right NOW!

Included With Your Training Package Is Over 4 Hours Of DVD Video To Watch Right On Your TV:

Window Cleaning Training Seminars

1. “Live Training Seminar” – How To Start A Profitable Window Cleaning Business On DVD Video

This is your exclusive 2-hour DVD video on how to start a window cleaning business from scratch. You get this custom-tailored for both commercial and residential window cleaning businesses (And we videotaped the whole seminar so you could see everything).

We hosted 86 men and women who were very eager to become professional window cleaners just like you! In addition, a top window cleaning tool supplier was present to explain their new state of the art Ergo Tech tools and full line of new equipment.

You will really learn a lot from this DVD video. The audience asked many excellent questions about the window cleaning biz, bidding jobs, starting a business from scratch, tools of the trade, hiring employees, and much more.

On The Job Training

2. “Commercial Window Cleaning” – One Hour Of DVD Video On How To Clean Windows 3X FASTER

You’ll really love this because it shows the variety of jobs that you will encounter with your new business. Learn how to clean every window to a beautiful shine. This DVD video presents the different kinds of jobs you’ll run into during a typical day.

Then you’ll see the different techniques for cleaning them quickly and easily. This is a must-have video if you are truly serious about commercial window cleaning.
Residential Window Cleaning

3. “Residential Window Cleaning” – See A House Cleaned From Start to Finish All On DVD Video

This is a very lucrative part of the window washing business, and you’ll discover the secrets of how to do a quality job every time…You get instructions and actual window cleaning demonstrations of an entire house from start to finish.

Hands-down this is the best residential window cleaning video you can have and watching this DVD video is a great way to jump-start yourself into residential window cleaning.

An Easy-To-Follow Guide To A Highly Profitable Window Washing Business While Working From Your Home

Introducing… The Platinum Training Package:

This training package includes your one of a kind, never before released, training guide for marketing your window cleaning business. We detail for you the techniques and concepts of making your window cleaning business profitable… and fast.

You will learn how to lay a foundation for marketing, as well as develop your own personal style of sales building! In addition you’ll receive the “Top Window Cleaning Business Secrets Revealed” (Our most requested training guide) and it includes:

  • Detailed plan for starting a profitable businessFree Coaching Session
  • Window cleaning tips, beginning and advanced training
  • Doing both commercial and residential work
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, and records keeping
  • Bidding, sales building, and customer retention
  • The best tools of your trade… and much more

As an added bonus… you’ll receive the exclusive “Training Seminar” DVD video a 2-hour DVD video of our latest Training Seminar recorded live in Rochester MI.

It includes new window cleaning products, advanced techniques, commercial and residential window cleaning, networking, using the Internet, window washing, bidding, marketing, how to start a window cleaning business the right way and much more…

“Here’s A Recap Of Your Window Cleaning Business Plan”

Window Academy Total Package

Your Platinum Training Package is mailed to you via US Postal Service and the On-line E Course is emailed immediately after your order is completed.

Window Academy is a trusted name that’s developed easy and inexpensive secrets for making big profits from your new window cleaning business. Hope to hear from ya soon,

Sincerely Christopher L. Bower
Christopher Bower
(586) 404-0900

And remember for a limited time get FREE Website Templates, FREE Life-Time Support, and FREE Life-Time Upgrades!

“Amazingly EASY Secrets For Making Fast Cash And Big Profits Without Any Prior Window Cleaning Experience”

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Phone Orders: (586) 404-0900

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