Maintain Your Work Face Outside Of Work

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Most people have a “work face” that they put on while they’re on the job. This is how they present themselves as professionals to customers, employees, clients, etc. As a business owner, you don’t get to take your work face off when you clock out every night. You need to maintain this persona whenever you’re in public. Here are some tips for maintaining your work face outside of work and why it’s important to do this.

Why Should I Keep My Work Face On?

In the window cleaning industry, we know that every person we meet is a potential client. Just because your work day is over doesn’t mean that your marketing has stopped. You don’t have to pitch a job proposal to everyone you talk to, but you should carry yourself with the authority and confidence of a business owner. If you ever encounter that person in a professional setting, he or she will instantly be more inclined to trust you.

How To Maintain Professionalism In Public

It all starts with confidence. Carry yourself like a business owner…because you are a business owner. When you shake someone’s hand, shake it with confidence. When you speak to someone new, be confident in your knowledge. Even if you’re in an unfamiliar territory, your decisiveness will be a display of confidence.

In addition to walking with your head held high, approach new people with politeness and respect. You don’t have to treat them like a client, but you should treat them like a friend. If you’ve had a bad day, don’t let it show when you’re in public. Save your anger, sadness or frustration for when you’re at home to avoid a negative reputation. All in all, you should have the same basic attitude you maintain on the job with a little more relaxation added in.

Only Mention Your Business When It Is Appropriate

We encourage you to market your services or products, but only when the time is right. If people feel like you’re only there to give them a sales pitch, you could scare away customers before they even realize they want to work with you. If someone asks you what you do, by all means talk about your business. You could also tie it into a conversation about similar services. Most importantly, you can promote your business as a solution to a problem. “I was cleaning my windows the other day and I just couldn’t reach the second story ones.” “I happen to provide residential window cleaning in…”

Once you learn the right times to promote your business in public, you will be able to generate leads and maintain good relationships with members of your community.