5 Great Businesses To Partner With To Build Leads For Your Window Cleaning Company

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One of the easiest ways to build strong client base for a new window cleaning company is to work with other businesses that already have clients of their own. The question that comes up in this situation is, what do you have to offer that business? While it is a lot easier to develop relationships like this when you already have leads to send to other businesses, you can still find ways to promote your services for businesses that are actively searching for window cleaning companies. The list below shows some of those businesses do you have a good idea as to who to reach out to.

Property Management Companies

Property managers can be vital to the success of your window cleaning company because they have so many homes and buildings that they work with. A single contract could be all you need to support yourself for an entire year. Property management companies also frequently promote the services of their household cleaners, maintenance providers, and window cleaning companies for people in the area that come to their offices. All you have to do is leave a set of business cards with one of those managers, and you should quickly see leave coming to your business.


Real estate agent are a lot like property management companies, but instead of controlling the houses and commercial buildings that they work with, they simply promote them to potential buyers or renters. With this in mind, a real estate agent could promote your services to someone trying to sell their homes for top dollar because you could help provide extra curb appeal for their home. They could also promote your services to other realtors and other property managers in the area, so you can develop even more business.

Maid Service Providers

Interior cleaning companies do not always offer window cleaning services, even if their clients ask for them. By teaming up with a company like that, you can provide the services they lack. This could actually help them secure more clients as well by expanding their service line. Everyone wins!

Construction Companies

Construction companies can give you the inside scoop on new businesses and homes that are being built. If you can get access to the owners or less of those buildings before anybody else does, you could establish relationships with clients that people don’t even realize are available yet. The sooner you get in, the easier it will be for you to beat out the competition, especially if theirs is no competition at that time.


Landscaping companies work with clients who want to make sure that their home or business exterior looks its best. That is the same goal that you have with your business. By partnering with a landscaping company, you will have easy access to people who are already demanding services for the exterior of their property. The conversions from there are much easier than they are with new clientele.

Start talking to other businesses around you and see what kind of professional relationships you can build. This will all help your window cleaning company in the end.