Holiday Business Marketing Strategies

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The holidays provide the perfect setting for business marketing. Take advantage of this special time of year, and you could generate tremendous traffic for your window washing business. Whether you work in residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning, you can use the holidays for brand development. Here are some unique marketing strategies to help you do just that.

Offer Black Friday And Cyber Monday Savings

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just for retailers. Window cleaners and other service providers can offer discounts as well. You may not have a physical product to run a special on, but you could provide a low rate for people who sign contracts with you for the coming year. For example, someone who signs up for a 6 month contract starting in January can get $5 off each window cleaning for the entire term of the contract. The extra savings might be just enough to convince a hesitant customer to become a paying client.

Focus On Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Every year, people are spending less time in stores and more time on their computers around the holidays. This gives you the perfect opportunity to boost your internet marketing strategies and revamp your online promotions. Here at Window Academy, we like to use the winter months to re-assess our webpages, blog posts, and other online content to ensure we are providing top-quality information for our users. You could do the same for your window cleaning business website and generate better traffic in the months to come.

Provide Free Gifts For Loyal Customers

This is a great time of year to give back to your loyal clients. Any customers who have been with you for at least a year should get some sort of “gift,” whether it be a free window cleaning or a discount on next year’s rates. You will have to decide what you can logically give away without hurting your bottom line. In most cases, the customer appreciation that you get in return will provide enough work to overcome any discounts or specials you create.

Make A Charitable Contribution

Charitable donations are great for businesses because they allow you to help the community and promote your brand at the same time. Pick a local organization that you are passionate about and donate your time, money, or services to help them over the holidays. This is an amazing networking opportunity that many business owners ignore, and at the end of the day, you’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you made a difference this holiday season.