It’s Winter – Time To Generate Leads!

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Winter months represent the slow season for window cleaners and many others in the outdoor service industry. Whether you mow lawns or paint houses for a living, chances are you’re planning to spend the next few months twiddling your thumbs until the weather warms. Rather than wasting precious free time though, you could use this as an opportunity to generate leads for your business. Here are some lead generation tips for winter.

Focus On Commercial Clients

Commercial clients typically need cleaning services all year long, not just during the warm months of the year. Their businesses remain open well into November, December, and January, and they still need to present themselves well to customers. You could pick up on new work to do right now, instead of planning for work you might be able to do in the future. Focus your outreach efforts on commercial window cleaning, or expand the commercial clients you already service. If you can get a consistent foundation of businesses to service, you should be financially set all year long.

Look For New Development

There may not be as much construction happening in the winter as there is in the summer, but that does not mean that there is no construction happening at all. Since most of your competition has probably called it quits for the winter, you can use this as an opportunity to reach out to clients when there are no other options around. Even if they do not want your services right now, you may be able to lock them into a contract for the spring. Then all you have to do is call them to remind them you’re coming out when the weather starts to change.

Explore Seasonal Services

Who says you have to stop at window cleaning? You could use this time of year to branch out into new services, like hanging holiday decorations or snow plowing. If you have a work truck, you could purchase a snow plow attachment to the front that you remove when the snow starts to melt. This will keep you busy for the winter without adding to your workload in the spring.

Assess Your Internet Marketing Strategies

You may not get many leads from the internet over the winter, but you could still evaluate and adjust your internet marketing strategies. Look over your performance for the last few months and see if there are any areas you need to expand. For instance, you may consider adding new content to your website or reimagining your brand online. Make the right changes at the right time, and you will have great leads coming in after winter.