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Learning To Window Clean With FreddyWindow cleaning can be divided into two types of service – commercial and residential.

When starting your business, consider the following for commercial work.

Commercial Pros

• Rest Between Jobs – With residential jobs the work is nonstop. You will show up at a house and work until the job is complete, typically anywhere between 2 and 5 hours. With commercial, you will work for much shorter periods of time and then get a break driving to your next job.

This seems to be much less stress on the body than working non-stop. We have found that commercial work is generally easier in this regard.

• Income All Year – Most commercial accounts are serviced either weekly or biweekly. In other words your service is ongoing, and you will have consistent income for the entire year.

You will find that maintaining your account base is not difficult if you provide reliable service, and in the event that one of your clients goes out of business, replacing them will be relatively easy.

• Endless Work Potential – Most metropolitan areas are constantly building new strip malls, and in many instances we are the first window cleaners to show up and give a bid.

Also, there are older business districts that seem to have been forgotten or perhaps overlooked by other window cleaners. You will find that work is available in just about every sector of your town.

• Immediate Payment – Most of your customers will pay you immediately after the completion of each job. Typically, you will not have to wait for two weeks to get paid as you would working for someone else. You will always have money coming in every day, and in most instances it is cash.

• Barter – It is easy for you to make a trade in exchange for whatever goods or services your customers have to offer. For example; haircuts, food, printing, etc.

As you establish a greater level of trust with your customers, you may also be able to trade window cleaning for services that could otherwise be very costly; such as dental work, auto repairs, etc.

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