Road Distractions While Driving

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As a window cleaner, you may find yourself on the road more often than you think. Window cleaners are constantly traveling between job sites, which means that you have a higher risk of getting into an accident than someone who works at an office. Your driving skills are a mobile reflection of your business and your professionalism. You need to make sure they are top notch, not just for your reputation, but for your personal safety as well. Avoid these road distractions while driving between jobs so you can reduce your risk of getting injured.

Eating And Drinking

No matter how hungry or thirsty you may be, you need to realize that eating and drinking are both distractions on the road. Both activities require you to take your hands off the wheel, which may cause you to drive out of your lane. If you have to eat in the car because you simply do not have time to sit down for a meal, choose something that you can pop in your mouth and get back to driving. Trail mix is a great option for this that will fill you up without putting you in too much danger.

Talking On The Phone

If you have a Bluetooth headset or active Bluetooth in your work vehicle, talking on the phone may not be a problem. Then your hands are free to drive, and you’re basically just having a conversation with someone next to you. If you have to use your hands to hold the phone or dial though, you’re putting yourself at risk. Wait to make your phone calls when you are fully parked so you don’t get into an accident.

Listening To Loud Music

Playing loud music in the car is not only a safety concern, but also an illegal act in many states. You need to be able to hear horns, sirens, screeching brakes, and more. That means keeping your music down to a normal volume. You don’t want your music to be heard outside of your vehicle anyway because that is unprofessional, and it may deter potential customers from working with you in the future.

Applying Makeup

Window cleaners don’t typically spend time putting on makeup in the morning because they know they’re going to get dirty throughout the day. Nevertheless, you or someone who works for you may need to get dolled up for a new client meeting or an important business negotiation. It only takes one mascara moment to send you swerving off the road, potentially putting yourself and others around you at risk. Take care of your makeup before or after you drive, not during the process.

Texting And Instant Messaging

There is no reason to text or instant message people while you are on the road, even if it is a client on the other end. If you desperately need to read or respond to a text while driving, pull over so you can complete the transaction safely. Messaging – in any form – takes your eyes away from what is in front of you, and it only leaves you with one hand on the wheel. There is a reason why AT&T launched the It Can Wait campaign. It’s because they wanted to put an end to texting while driving, just as many state legislatures are trying to do at this time. Don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk because you feel the need to text or instant message on the road.

Avoid the distractions listed above every time you drive between jobs, and you’ll be a much safer driver in the long run.