Supplemental Income Sources In Winter

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The winter months are slow for window cleaning businesses, especially those that specialize in residential window washing. Some business owners use this time to take a much-needed break before spring, while others look for supplemental income sources. If you’re searching for extra ways to make money this winter, the tips below could be just what you need.

Hanging Christmas Lights

One of the most popular ways to earn extra money during the winter is to hang Christmas lights for other people. Offer this service to your current residential customers and post signs in neighborhoods with large homes. You could also advertise in businesses that sell outdoor Christmas lights or partner with them to get lower rates for your customers. The opportunities are endless, and the work is fairly steady through the months of November and December.

The pricing for this service will depend on how complicated the decorations are and how dangerous they are to install (getting on a two-story roof, using a ladder around ice, etc.). You may need to test how long it takes you to complete various tasks to determine what rates you should charge.

Snow Shoveling And Snow Plowing

Snow shoveling is another great way to make extra money in the winter. Of course, this may not apply to warm climates with minimal snowfall. If you live in an area that snows consistently though, you could offer to shovel snow from driveways, walkways, porches and more for a flat fee. If you have a truck or van, you could get a snow plow extension to attach to the front of your vehicle. Then you could use your work truck to clear small parking lots or private roads so people can travel as needed. There is almost always a demand for extra snow plows in the winter, so you can make money as long as the snow keeps falling.

Contract Renewals And Discounts

This is not so much about making extra money as it is about securing more window washing work for the spring. You can offer holiday discounts and contract renewals to encourage your clients to keep working with you. For instance, you might offer a special incentive for people to pay upfront for their window cleaning services. As long as you put that money to the side and complete your end of the contract, you can get extra work and provide a better value to your customers at the same time.