Should I Join A Window Cleaning Franchise?

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If you want to start a window cleaning business, you have the option of starting your own business from scratch or joining a window cleaning franchise. The franchising option may seem more appealing at first, but in most cases, the cons outweigh the pros. In order to help you make the right choice with a window cleaning franchise, check out the guide below that explains your options.

Window Washing Franchises Aren’t Recognizable Brands

Perhaps the most popular reason why people choose to open a franchise in any industry is because they want to take advantage of using a recognizable brand. For instance, if you wanted to open a pizza restaurant, you may want to franchise through Domino’s, Papa John’s, or another brand that customers are already familiar with. You get to build on the existing reputation of the company to jumpstart your business.

That isn’t the case in the window cleaning industry. There are very few window washing franchise opportunities out there, and those that are available aren’t exactly “well-known.” Even if there is a particular franchise line that is popular in your area, chances are they have low competition. All you have to do is employ the right marketing strategies, and you could quickly take over the market and surpass the franchise.

You’ll Pay High Startup Costs For Minimal Profits (If Any)

You can start a window cleaning business for less than $200. We explain exactly how to do this in the Window Academy training packet. If you sign onto a franchise though, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars for branding, training, supplies, and more – all of which you could develop on your own without the franchise. The reason why we’re so adamant about helping people start their own window cleaning businesses is because the startup costs are affordable for anyone. College students, retired veterans, part time workers, and everyone else can afford to start their own company with very little money. There is no need to pay outrageous franchise fees when you could spend a couple hundred dollars to get the same results.

Your Profits Aren’t YOUR Profits

As part of your franchise agreement, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money to the franchisee per month or per year in exchange for continued use of their brand and support platforms. This should still yield some profits for you in the end, but it will drastically limit your return on investment. You may be lucky to break even some months, depending on how well that particular brand takes off in your area. Combine this with taxes, employee expenses, and other overhead costs, and paying for a franchise simply doesn’t add up in the long run.

Someone Else Could Use The Same Franchise In Your Area

Unless there are specific regulations in the franchise agreement preventing others from opening the same brand in your area, you could soon face competition from people using the exact same company name. If their marketing strategies work better than yours or they manage to get a better office location, you could lose your existing and future clients to a company with the same branding materials.

This is even worse than competing with other window cleaning companies because your customers won’t know that you’re two individual businesses. If the other franchisor has bad customer service or poor workmanship, it could tarnish your brand. Your reputation is now on the line because you chose to run a window cleaning franchise, rather than starting your own window cleaning business.

You Can Get BETTER Training For LESS MONEY Here At Window Academy

No matter what benefits you may see in joining a window washing franchise, you can get even more out of our comprehensive program. We’ll send you a physical training package, along with digital resources that explain every step of starting a window cleaning business. You get to be the boss, build your brand, and make your own success story, rather than riding on the coat tails of someone else. Consider this:

  • Significantly Lower Your Startup Costs To Maximize Your Profits From The Start
  • Learn Effective Bidding Techniques Guaranteed To Generate A Steady Stream Of Customers
  • Work With Tested And Proven Marketing Materials That Make Your New Window Cleaning Business Look Experienced And Professional
  • Get A One Hour Phone Training Session With One Of The Owners Of Window Academy
  • Choose How Much You Want To Work, How Much Money You Want To Make, And How Far You Want Your Business To Go
  • Start Off Working Part Time And Transition To Full Time When You’re Ready
  • Stop Working For Other People And Start Working For Yourself

You can still learn from an experienced and successful business owner without paying the outrageous fee of running a franchise. We’re here to help you do that and more here at Window Academy. Contact us today to order your complete business startup package.