Should I Work For Someone Before I Start My Own Window Cleaning Company?

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When you get the idea to start a window cleaning company, you may be confused about how to approach the job. You can choose to work for someone else and learn from them, or you can try to jump straight into the industry. Both options have their pros and cons, but one of them is sure to be a great idea for you. Should I work for someone else before I start my own window cleaning company? Let’s find out…

What You Can Learn Working For Someone Else

Working for another window cleaning business will allow you to learn techniques and skills that you can use in your own company. If you have never cleaned windows professionally before, you may need to go through a window cleaning tutorial to learn the basics of the business. Working for someone else will also let you pick up on bidding strategies, marketing ideas, brand optimization, and more. In essence, you can get a template for setting up your business in the future.

Why Starting Your Own Window Cleaning Company Is A MUCH Better Idea

Despite the benefits that come from working for someone else, there are numerous downsides for you to consider. Here are some reasons why you should become a self-employed window cleaner from the start:

  • Your Potential Employer May Not Be Doing Things The Right Way – Don’t Learn Bad Habits!
  • You Need To Build New Clients Without Worrying About Stealing Them From Someone You Know
  • The Startup Costs For Window Cleaning Companies Are Very Low
  • You Can Create Your Own Work Schedule If You Work For Yourself
  • You Will Make Much More Money As A Business Owner

As long as you start your window cleaning business the right way, you will be able to see a great return for your bravery.

How To Make A Smooth Transition To Self-Employment

Do not quit your day job until you have enough clients to provide a sufficient income for you. It may take a while for you to have consistent work, so you need to have other income during the transition. Make sure you understand everything that goes along with owning your own business, like self-employment tax, business registration, supply costs, certifications, and more. If you prepare well in advance, you can start your own window cleaning company right away and have plenty of success in the future.