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Window Cleaner Bob Teaching A ClassHere is a list of what’s included in our training packages!

• Ready to use coupons, brochures, checklists, and forms

• Book keeping, record keeping, safety, and security

• Objectives and goal setting for your window washing business

• The correct way to get your window washing business started

• Clearly defined bidding for commercial and residential work

• Tips on purchasing the right equipment at the best prices

• Help with getting a website for your business on the Internet

• Personal coaching for every level of your window washing business

• A results-oriented sales building and marketing plan

• How to use the Internet to broaden your customer list

• Driving your sales while maintaining your customer base

• Develop a personal sales technique and style for marketing

• Marketing theory, and how it applies to a window washing business

• Thoughts on commercial verses residential window cleaning

• Regulations and laws that can affect your window washing business

• Pricing, and how to analyze your competition to be competitive

• Cost controls, and how pricing and expenses affect your profitability

• When to be a corporation, and when not to be

Equipment and supplies you will need, and the best suppliers

• Help with organization skills, planning, and realistic goals

• How to use coupons and discounts to increase your customer base

• Customer loyalty, and rewards programs to retain your customer base

• How to clean windows correctly with optimum efficiency and speed

• Ready to use coupons, brochures, checklists, and business forms

• DVD video with everything you need to know on disk

• Training Manuals with everything you need to know in paperback and
immediate download formats

• A detailed description of all the window cleaning tools you will need;
and how to properly use them

Our chapter titles include:

Where to Begin, Tools of the Trade, How to Clean Windows, Bidding Defined, Home Run Marketing Techniques, Thoughts on Commercial vs. Residential, Accounting, Records, and Security, The Internet, Laying the Foundation, Goal Setting and Objectives, Advertising and Marketing, Sales Technique, How to Be Organized, Keeping Your Customers, Single Owner Operator & Hiring Employees, and much more! (both paperback and immediate download)

Our high-quality DVD videos include:

Working with a multi-section poles, the Simple Squeegee Method, The Simple Swirl Squeegee Method, cleaning circular windows, cleaning bay door windows, strip mall work, cleaning screens and odd shaped windows, tools demonstrations, an Unger product update, commercial and residential window cleaning questions and answers, ninety minutes of our latest window cleaning training seminar, both commercial and residential window cleaning demos, tempered glass updates, and much more!

Remember, you receive Lifetime Personal Support and lifetime advertising on our “top ranked” Window Cleaning Directory (we will help generate the leads you need)!



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