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Window Washin Tools for Homes

To run a profitable business, you need the right window washing supplies to get the job done. The type of clients you service and the environment you work in will determine which tools are right for your window cleaning company. For more than 10 years now, Window Cleaning Academy has helped entrepreneurs just like you find the washing tools they need to properly service their clients. Find the tools you need to succeed.

Which Window Washing Tools Are Right For My Business?

There are several factors that determine which window washing tools you need for your business, including:

  • The Type Of Window Cleaning Services You Offer (Residential Vs. Commercial)
  • The Environment You Live In (Rain, Snow, Extreme Heat, Etc.)
  • The Volume Of Work You Do
  • The Number Of Employees You Have Working For You
  • The Budget You Have Allotted For Window Washing Tools

While the basic tools like squeegees, dish washing liquid, buckets, etc. may be standard across the board, some window washing jobs call for specific tools, like stain removers, high-pressure hoses, extension poles, etc. To find the perfect equipment for your company, contact Window Cleaning Academy today. We will show you exactly what you need to run your business.

How Often Should I Replace My Window Washing Tools?

Knowing when to replace your window cleaning solutions is fairly easy – get more when you start to run out so you have it for your next job. When it comes to window washing equipment though, this can be a little tougher to determine. Some window cleaners are able to use the same equipment for years without any issues. Others need to replace their tools once every few months because of the amount of work they do.

The type of window cleaning you do will determine how often you should replace your window washing tools. Commercial cleaners often cover more windows on a daily basis, so their equipment wears down faster than residential window cleaners. However, residential cleaners need stain removers and window cleaning solvents more often than commercial cleaners, which requires special application tools that need to be replaced regularly.

With our window cleaning resource, you’ll learn the A to Z on how to start a window cleaning a business the right way – tools and all!

Winter Window Washing Tools From Window Cleaning Academy

Winter window cleaning requires special tools to tackle snow, ice, and the grime they leave behind. Our winter window cleaning guide identifies the specific tools and solutions you need during the coldest months of the year. Learn about winter cleaning gear to protect you from the bitter cold, and discover helpful tricks to improve your efficiency in the slow season.

With Window Cleaning Academy, your success is guaranteed! Contact us today to start your new business off the right way.

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