Setting Your Window Washing Prices

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Setting your window washing prices is a key component to bidding on window cleaning jobs. You have to figure out which prices will generate income without scaring off your customers. There are several factors that go into determining your window washing prices, depending on where you live and the other types of customers you already have for your business. Check out the guide below to learn some bidding techniques for your window washing business.

Find Out What Your Competitors Are Charging

Before you start planning out your prices, you need to know what other window cleaners in the area are charging for their services. You could ask a friend of yours to get quotes from a couple of your competitors, or you could see if they have prices listed on their websites. These prices vary throughout the country based on demand, standard of living, weather patterns, etc. It’s always a good idea to understand what you’re getting into before you start bidding too high or too low.

Know What You Can Do Per Hour

The more efficient you can be with your window cleaning, the more money you can make per hour. For now, you need to know how many windows you can clean within a certain timeframe so you can approximate costs. A large window with no dividers may only take you 1-2 minutes to clean, while a small window broken up with lines could take 5 minutes or more to clean. Test out all of these situations so you can set prices based on your abilities. This will also help you determine which jobs just aren’t worth bidding on at this time.

Ask What Your Clients Are Used To Paying

Many times you will find yourself bidding on a job because the client is not happy with the services from a competing window cleaning company. In that case, you can ask the clients what they were paying for the other company’s services and offer to do the work for the same rate. If the rate seems high or the clients are actively seeking out lower rates, you may adjust your bid to accommodate their needs. For the most part though, you can land high-paying work just by asking the right questions.

Offer Neighborhood And Referral Discounts

It’s always best to land clients that are close to one another because that reduces your travel time and increases your overall profits. You can offer special discounts for neighborhoods you already work in to generate more clients in the area. You could also offer referral discounts for customers who recommend your services to friends and family members. Those referrals are usually in an area near the original clients, so you are bound to get nearby customers, even if that wasn’t the intention. Continue to get creative with your bidding techniques, and you will find the perfect window washing prices for your area.