How To Make Your Small Window Cleaning Business Stand Out Against Big Name Competition

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If you are new to the window cleaning world, you may wonder how you’re going to be able to get new clients when there is so much competition around you. Even areas with low competition might have one big name franchise in the area that scares you away from bidding on a project. Before you miss out on some good clients though, you need to realize that there are advantages to being a small company. If you can make those advantages work in your favor, you will be able to generate the leads you need to drive your business worth success.

Here are some effective ways to make your small window cleaning business stand out from the crowd.

Use Your Personality To Make Sales

One of the best ways to develop a new client relationship is a talk to the client in person. Because you are a small window cleaning company, you – the owner – have a chance to talk to your clients one on one. If you establish a sense of trust early on, you will be able to get the contracts you need because people want to work with you. Turn up the charm and show off your personality in order to beat out the big name competition.

Make Yourself Available At All Times

Don’t be afraid to give potential clients your cell phone number so they can call you whenever they need something. While emergency services might not happen often in the window cleaning industry, they do come up. Simply giving them your phone number or email address might allow your clients to reach out to you with new opportunities. It will also give them a way to promote your services to other friends that they have in the area. Let people know that they can call you whenever they need something, and watch the business roll in.

Be Competitive With Your Pricing

Big companies can stand to lose a little bit of money due to the amount of clients that they work with. You may not have that luxury right now, but you do not have to charge astronomically high prices to yield a profit. You might need to take a little bit of a loss at first until you build up a strong client base. Focus on one certain area that isn’t targeted often and develop a relationship with multiple clients in that one area. Then you will have easy access to a high volume of work, and you won’t be losing as much money because you’re saving in gas expenses.

The Most Important Thing To Remember…

Above all else, keep in mind that people like working with small businesses because they feel like you are personal friend. You don’t need a fancy logo and high dollar equipment to do a good job, especially in this line of work. If you can show off yourself and your abilities in the right way, you should have no trouble beating out even the biggest of competitors.