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Here’s why we devote so much time and effort teaching you how to properly bid commercial and residential window cleaning jobs.

As a professional window cleaner, you are faced with the dilemma of charging a fair price that the customer will accept – verses bidding too low and working for less money then you should be making.

The truth is, there is no short answer for bidding window cleaning jobs for a number of reasons, and window cleaners will factor in certain variables for the total window cleaning cost such as:

  • How close the job is to another one of your accounts
  • How badly you need the work
  • Whether or not this new account will produce more accounts
  • How easy it is to park your vehicle and get to the job
  • Whether or not the owner has other stores needing service
  • Your particular speed and skill level
  • Whether or not you need to purchase additional equipment

Straight Talk And Window Cleaning Bidding Tips

Window Cleaning Bidding TipsThe good news (for you) is that there are established parameters already in place, and we examine them all (For both commercial and residential window cleaning) in your Operations and Bidding Training Guides!

And if that wasen’t already enough, you get even more bidding info with your Marketing Training Guide, where you’ll learn to use these parameters to achieve a true business deal and develop your marketing and advertising
Everyone wins!

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