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Window Cleaning Window Cleaning Marketing Materials
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Awesome Print Materials That Get You Better Results… Faster!

Business Marketing Print Material

1 – Full Color Flyers

(Printed one side 4/0 60# White Accent Opaque)

Full Color Flyers Quantity of 500 – $180.00

Full Color Flyers Quantity of 500 – $220.00

#2 – Full Color Postcards

Quantity 0500 – $140.00

Quantity 1000 – $180.00

Quantity 2000 – $220.00

(Printed one side 4/0 14 ptCS2 Thick Card Stock)

#3 – Full Color Businesscards

Quantity 1000 – $80.00

Quantity 2000 – $120.00

(Printed one side 4/0 12 ptCS1 Card Stock)

#4 – Full Color Door Hangers

Quantity 0500 – $230.00

Quatntiy 1000 – $260.00

Quantity 2000 – $290.00

(Printed one side 4/0 80# Gloss Text)

Please email us directly after your order is completed, and include all of the following information for your print materials (So we can get you started right away)

• Your name

• Company name

• Company address

• Company phone number

• Company email address and/or web address if applicable

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“Dirty Filthy Windows Can Make You A Huge Success!”

After you get a few accounts, go door to door in the business districts near them (As well as residential areas) and pass out your business cards selling your services with a short and sweet sales pitch for marketing your window cleaning services.

Stay away form cheep business cards or something you made up on your computer. You card is who you are to these people when you leave their presence, and you want a high quality card as a reminder to them of whom you were.

Talk to your new clients about an incentives program for them to help you get more accounts, buy offering them a free window cleaning or two their help.

They know other business people, maybe in the same franchise or a favorite neighbor they cay refer you to and give you window cleaning business a plug for more business.

In return give them a discount on a future cleaning, or even a free one if it is a small job.

Have a simple website made for you and published it on the web for you company, and then use it as a selling point for your business. Many of your competitors will not have one, and this makes your business look 10 times more professional.

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