Why Every Window Cleaner Should Bid In Person

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When it comes to submitting bids for your window cleaning business, how do you approach the situation? Do you call stores in the area to see if they need your services, or do you wait for clients to come to you? No matter what your bidding strategy entails, you need to note the importance of bidding for jobs in person. Doing this will greatly improve your chances of getting the job. Here is a look at some of the benefits that come along with bidding in person.

Get a True Perspective of the Project

It is hard to get an accurate reading idea of what a project may entail if you rely solely on a description from the client. Your client isn’t going to know how different trim patterns, window sizes, and window shapes are going to impact your time on the job. The only way to know for sure what you should bid is to go there in person and see everything for yourself. That way, you don’t quote a price that you then have to adjust later on.

Make a Good Impression

As a window cleaner, you have to be just as much of a salesperson as you are a cleaning professional. You have to sell yourself and your services to potential clients so they feel comfortable working with you. I once hired a guy to mow my lawn even though he charged 50% more than his competitors just because I liked his attitude and the fact that he genuinely understood my needs. It’s much easier to make a good impression in person than it is on the phone or through an email.

Look for Other Work Opportunities

If you can talk to several businesses or homeowners in the same area, you might be able to drop your prices a little bit because you save money and time driving. You might find a developing hotel or shopping center that you didn’t know was going up, and that will give you a chance to contact the owners of the company before anyone else. Get in at the right time, and you’ll soon be swarming with contracts.

Negotiate Like a Pro

If you think a client will be looking for a good deal no matter what, you can start with a bid slightly higher than normal and then work your way down. It’s better to do this in person so you don’t come across as overly pushy or manipulative. Establish a level of trust with your potential client, and your bids will go over well every time.