Bidding Tips For Brand New Window Cleaning Companies

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You just started your window cleaning company and you are completely lost in the bidding world. What if I bid too high and don’t get any work? What if I bid too low and don’t make any money? What I bid too fast and seem desperate? These questions are enough to drive anyone crazy. Before you give up on this process entirely, follow these quick bidding tips for brand new window cleaning companies.

Ask People What They Paid Before

If you are trying to bid on a window cleaning contract for an established business, ask them what they paid their previous window cleaner. This will give you a sense of what you should bid, and most of the time, it will be higher than what you were going to bid. You could simply agree on that bid amount or say that you’d be able to do it for a little less because of other contracts you’re getting in the area. This doesn’t have to be true just yet, but it could be if you use the same tactic for other businesses around you.

Start A Little High And Negotiate Down

When you go to bid on a job, try to tell the client a price slightly higher than what you actually want to make. Don’t make the price so high that you scare the client away, but give yourself a little room to negotiate. If you want to make $50 from the project, bid $60 and see what the client says. If he or she is incredibly hesitant, say that you could go as low as $50 because you have other work in the area. The client feels like he is getting a good deal, and you get the money you wanted to make in the first place.

Find A Business Just As New As Yours

One of the best tricks you can use as a new window cleaning company is to work with other new companies in the area. If you get to them before someone else does, you might be able to earn a contract because they are unfamiliar with the area. Many established businesses will already have a window cleaner that they like working with, but new ones will be searching for one. Keep an eye out for new developments in your area, and then bid as soon as a business comes to town.