Route Tips For New Window Cleaning Companies

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When you start to gather clients for your window cleaning company, you will need a way to organize them to make the best use of your time. This is done through routes that essentially tell you where to go while you are on the job. Coming up with routes for your new window cleaning company may be a challenge at first, but once you have basic ones established, you can build from them. Here are some routing tips for window cleaning companies that you can follow for your business.

Group Clients In The Same Area

To minimize your travel time and the wear and tear on your vehicle, try to work on houses or businesses in the same area. For instance, Monday you might travel to the north side of town, then travel to the west on Tuesday. The more you can group together in a single day, the better off you will be.

Be Respectful Of Your Clients’ Schedules

As the service provider in this case, you have to be the one with the flexible schedule. That means planning your routes around someone else’s availability. For instance, let’s say that you are contracted to wash windows for a small strip mall and most of the stores there are closed on Sunday. You would most likely want to clean on Sunday because there will not be a crowd. This will change if you are cleaning inside the windows as well, but you will need to talk all that over with the client.

Note that if you are doing residential window cleaning instead of commercial window cleaning, you may want to work during the latter half of the day or the weekends when people are most likely to be home.

Factor Travel Time Into Your Bids

If you already have an established route in a certain area, offer discounted rates to other businesses or homes nearby. You can also offer a discount for your clients if they are able to convince their neighbors to use your services. You don’t have to drive as much, and they don’t have to pay as much. Everyone wins.

On the reverse of this, you may need to charge more for a client who is way outside of your major routes. Let them know that they are the only client in that area at the moment and that you will gladly offer a discounted rate if you are able to form a route around them. Be fair with your clients when you bid, and they will be fair to you.