Residential vs. Commercial Window Cleaning: Part 2

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In Part 1 of our comparison series, we went over the advantages and disadvantages of residential window cleaning. In Part 2, we will look at the pros and cons of commercial window cleaning instead. The information below will help you see how different business setups operate so you can decide how you want your window cleaning company to function.

Pros Of Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning contracts are desirable because they offer big pay in a single setting. Instead of traveling to 20 homes to make your money for the day, you may only need to work on 5 businesses. There are endless job opportunities with commercial clients because there are always new businesses going up. You can also trust that these businesses will have the money to pay for your services.

Another great part about running a commercial window cleaning company is the fact that you can get work all year round. Most residential clients will not need window cleaning in the winter, but businesses will expect you to work no matter what the season may be. Businesses tend to pay promptly for their window cleaning, so you may get paid faster with commercial clients. You can work with these clients on pricing a bit more because they have a strong need for your services.

Cons Of Commercial Window Cleaning

One of my biggest pet peeves in commercial window cleaning is the low-ball competition I have to face. Most window cleaning companies will seek out commercial contracts because they want guaranteed work. This means that competition is high and bids are low. Your clients will still be willing to pay for your quality services, but you might have to convince them that you are worth more than the lower bidders.

Even though I mentioned working all year round as a positive, the fact is that it can also be a negative for commercial window cleaning. It means that you will have to work in harsh conditions, whether it be frigid winters or scorching summers. Your clients will expect your work regardless of the weather, and you will have to learn to accommodate them.

Commercial window cleaning requires a lot of drive time, which means more money in gas and more wear and tear on your vehicle. You will have to drive around no matter what, but this will be more time consuming than the driving for residential window cleaning.

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