Residential vs. Commercial Window Cleaning: Part 1

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When you own your own window cleaning company, you have the option to work for commercial clients, residential clients, or both. All of these options have their own pros and cons to consider, so you need to make a comparison to determine what is best for you. In Part 1 of our three part series, we will go over the pros and cons of residential window cleaning to give you an accurate view of this job market.

Pros Of Residential Window Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages to residential window cleaning is the high profit potential. You will not have to drive around as much if you work on homes because they are usually grouped together in neighborhoods. This saves you money on gas, and it allows you to knock out jobs faster. The minimal drive time will also save wear and tear on your vehicle, which will increase its lifetime or resale value in the future.

Most residential window cleaning companies are able to take the winters off because their clients do not want work at that time. If you plan your budget correctly, you can enjoy some much deserved time off during the winter months. You can also spend less time working per day because the drive time is reduced. Residential properties are quick and easy to clean, and they can add up to a lot of money over time.

Cons Of Residential Window Cleaning

One of the major drawbacks to working on residential properties is the fact that you have to manage more clients on a monthly basis. A single commercial job could pay for your entire week if the business is large enough, but you would need a neighborhood full of homes to achieve the same effect. You will deal with pickier clients for residential properties because they have to live with their windows every day. They have time to scrutinize your work with a magnifying glass, and in many cases, they do.

Residential window cleaning may require you to buy extra equipment, like extension ladders or specialty chemicals to remove stains from windows. This will obviously eat away at your profit margin. If you have a lot of clients with second story windows, you will be more prone to accidents with residential homes than you would be with commercial businesses. Keep all of this in mind when you are making a plan for your window cleaning company.

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