The Right Time To Bid On A Window Cleaning Contract

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Bidding for window cleaning work is a delicate art form that you will eventually master after quoting hundreds of potential clients. One of the key factors to this process is timing. Bid at the wrong time and you will easily lose the sale. Check out the tips below to learn about the right time to bid on a window cleaning contract.

Bid During Slow Business Hours

If you are looking for commercial clients, try talking to them during the slow parts of their days. For restaurants, this is usually from 2-5 pm. Stores will vary based on the type of merchandise they sell. If you try to talk to someone during the busy part of the day, chances are you will be seen as a nuisance. Wait until people are going to have time to fully hear what you have to say.

Bid When People Are Home

If you are looking for residential clients, focus on times when those clients are most likely to be home. Shoot for early evenings or weekends, but avoid Sunday mornings because of church times. Try not to reach out to people on major holidays because most of them are just trying to relax for that day. (You should do the same!)

Bid When A Business Is New

You can find new business listings on the internet that will show you all of the new commercial buildings that are going up or being re-rented in your area. It’s best to catch a business before it is fully established because they won’t be as bombarded by quotes at that point. Just note that a brand new business will want to minimize their costs as much as possible, so you may need to bid low at first and then work your way up.

Bid When There Is A Big Demand

The best time of the year to bid on window cleaning is usually in the winter. This is the time when people’s windows get the dirtiest, and it is also the time when people are least likely to want to go outside. This only applies to areas with harsh winters though. If you live in a warmer climate, you might try the heat of the summer when it’s too miserable for most people to step foot outside. Offer your window cleaning services when they have no desire to do this work on their own.