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The Best, Most Effective Way For You To Break Into And Succeed, In The Window Cleaning Business!

Here’s Why You Should Get Goin’ With Your Window Cleaning Business:

1). Be Your Own Boss

Learning To Squeegee The Right WayThe ultimate freedom for you is to be your own boss; and it is a great feeling of pride, self-respect, and accomplishment

2). Very Low Start-up Costs

Your typical start up costs are under one hundred dollars. In our case, we splurged and spent a little over one hundred-twenty

3). Very Good Money

Window Washing Tips And SecretsAs a sole employee of your company you can make up to and over 67,000 dollars per year. If you choose to hire employees, your earnings potential is unlimited!

4). Have A Flexible Schedule

You have the freedom to set your own hours. This is a rarity in most businesses; especially retail where you are locked into set hours 6 or 7 days a week!

5). Actually… It’s Pretty Easy

This is an easy business to start, own, and operate, if you follow the step-by-step methods detailed in our Platinum Training Package. We have taken all the “guess-work” out of this fast growing industry!

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Specify The Frequency Of Your Visits

Learning To Window Clean With FreddyIf you land an account where they are thinking you will service them twice a month, specify every other week instead.

The reason is that some months (5 I think) have five weeks, giving you the potential for three services that month instead of two.

Also, you don’t want to have a service area where some of your clients are serviced twice a month, and others are serviced every other week. You’ll find yourself going back for one or two in that area on off-weeks if you allow this situation.

In addition, it is a very good idea to discuss your service agreement in detail during your initial discussion. Include how to handle signs they may have hanging in the front window, what may be the best service time, and things like that.

Be specific, and then deliver on your promises. That way you will have happy customers and this always leads to more business for you

Factors That Determine Your Income

When you first start window cleaning your speed will be rather slow. However, after you do this for a while, your speed will be much faster. So consequently, as time goes by a job once took 15 minutes to complete will later take only 8 or 10.

You will still get paid the $15 you did at first, but your work time will be much shorter and you can do maybe 20 jobs a day instead of the 12 or 15 you used to do. This being said, your income will greatly increase of time. Your window washing techniques and window cleaning techniques will improve, and even get power washing tips and pressure washing tips on the Forum! Get free window cleaning tips and free window washing tips for window cleaning and window washing!

Remember, they won’t care how long it takes you to complete a job; only that you show up on time and do quality work. The initial bidding you make will also be a determining factor on your hourly wage, and you will want your clients to be as close together as possible to save on drive time Window washing techniques and tip notch window cleaning techniques are available on our Forum. Check it out today! Power washing tips, free pressure washing tips and more! Window Academy will help you get your business going fast!

The Best Way To Maximize Your Efficiency

Have the right tools! It starts with your squeegee. You need to make sure you use the right size squeegee for the job, and use quality rubber. Quality rubber doesn’t streak. When you start a big job, put a fresh rubber on your squeegee. Get free window cleaning tips and free window washing tips for window cleaning and window washing! Your window washing techniques and window cleaning techniques will improve, and even get power washing tips and pressure washing tips on the Forum!

Also, have well planned job routes. Avoid driving 10 miles south for a morning job, then 15 miles north for a midday job, then 15 miles south for an afternoon job.

Take a few moments to form a plan and you’ll save time while servicing your accounts and marketing your business Get free window cleaning tips on this page! Learn how to start your window cleaning business today with window cleaning techniques and more!

Get current window washing techniques and window cleaning techniques to improve skills, and get power washing tips and pressure washing tips to broaden you clientele! Our forum has free window cleaning tips and free window washing tips for window cleaning and window washing professionals!

The Glass Still Looks Dirty After Cleaning… Been Using A “Bucket On A Belt”

A bucket on a belt is designed for you to use when going up on ladders to wash windows, and this would primarily used for residential window cleaning. That way, you don’t have to come back down to your solution bucket to keep the washer wet.

With commercial work, you would just use your 6-gallon bucket and keep it within reaching distance.

Remember, in the summer windows get very hot, so the water will evaporate much faster off a freshly cleaned window. So you should use more solution and squeegee each window immediately after you wash it

Think Really Hard About Your Ideal Customer

Not just anyone, but who is the ideal fit for your services. Where can you find enough of your ideal future clients to be profitable?

When you do find them, how much do you know about their needs for your services? Take off your shoes and walk in your future clients shoes, hear and feel what they see hear and feel.

Then and only then, will you know their real needs. This is your ending point, and then you simply work backwards to design a marketing plan that addresses their problems with real solutions, solutions you bring to them in your sales pitch.

Essential Window Cleaning Tips (Streak Free & Avoid Winter Frosting)

Well it’s almost that time of year again where families get together and celebrate. Feeling the warmth of one another and having a great time with their company. Many of us though spend more time preparing and cleaning for our guest then anything. So here are some practical cleaning tips that you can use to make sure your gathering will be successful.

Window Cleaning Tips

Nothing can be more difficult and cumbersome then cleaning windows. We all know that they’re dirty. Balancing ladders and opening screens aren’t fun. So what can we do that will reduce time and be effective?

There really are only a few options when it comes to cleaning windows around your home or office. But it really comes down to either getting a professional window cleaner or doing it yourself in your spare time.

If you’re going to clean your windows yourself you may want to consider the following:

Window Cleaning Solutions – they come in a vast array of sizes and shapes. It’s always best to find out what is recommended. You could contact a few professional window cleaners to find out they use. Try sampling a little on a section of windows to see the results before you invest too much on one product. Talk to people throughout online forums and blogs to find out what is popular and not so popular.

There are many window cleaning solutions that use ammonia, borax, alcohol, vinegar or even Epsom salts. If you decide you are cunning enough to make your own window cleaning solution then never mix acidic and alkaline solutions together. This will neutralize the effects of both solutions and render the ‘new’ solution useless.

When you clean your windows you should do it on a cloudy day. This is because the direct sunlight might dry the solution you are using too quickly. This will result in many spots and unwanted streaks. Before starting any window cleaning you should remove the dirt and grime from the surface area. You may also wish to use a wet cloth to wipe down the frame beside the window.

Squeegees are the way to go if you want to save time. Invest in something that’s little better then the dollar store and make sure the tip is a little flexible. A rubber tip is best. Check to make sure the tip is completely smooth. Keep the tip clean. You don’t want debris being streaked across your window as you squeegee so be careful where you place it down each time. Try placing it with the handle up side down so that the rubber end that touches the window is facing the sky. Always check the end before using to ensure it is indeed free from debris.

You can use either a soapy cloth with your solution or a special soft cloth brush for ‘soaping’ the windows down. Like the squeegee, with its similar shape, a soft cloth brush will save time. It’s always best to work from the top to the bottom. – literally from the top windows of the house to the bottom. and also from the top of an individual pane to the bottom. This is because when you slap that soap water gravity will take over. As quick as you might think you are some water may drip down and you don’t want it to drip on windows that you’ve already cleaned. Only do a couple of windows at a time with you soapy solution whether it is a soapy brush or cloth. From there you either go from side to side or top to bottom with the squeegee. Whichever you prefer and find easier. You should be able to apply enough pressure to the squeegee that you will see no ‘wet lines’ after pulling the squeegee down (or across) throughout any middle part of the newly cleaned window.

The key at this point is to have a second ‘dry cloth. Use this cloth to absorb the wet rubber end of the squeegee every time you ‘squeegee’ a section. Wipe down the end of the squeegee each time to make sure it is more dry then wet. This will prevent streaks and ‘wet lines’ for the next time you use it. Depending on the solution you are using and various other factors you may find a small wet line at the top part of the squeegee after you squeegee. You can remove this line efficiently with a fine absorbent cloth. Apply gentle pressure using your finger on the cloth and wipe across the wet line. If you have a good cloth the wet line will disappear in moments. Cheap cloths will smear and you may have to start the process again. Again, contact a professional or query online through forums to find out what works and what doesn’t or contact me and I’ll tell you what I’m using.

You may come across debris that is hardened on your window and no matter what you try with the cloth and window cleaning solution that it will not budge. The easiest way to remove objects like these, such as paint dots from painted walls and ceilings that have found their way on to your window, is to use a razor blade. Remember to always be careful with knives as they are sharp. Using the blade on a close angle to the window you can remove almost anything. Try using a little ‘scrape’ pressure before moving on to more pressure to remove the object. Never put so much pressure that you jeopardize breaking the window. You may also find that a little pressure several times will gradually remove the debris. If you still have problems then contact me and I’ll give you a couple of stories and suggestions.

After you have used your squeegee and removed any potential wet lines take your dry cloth and carefully trace the perimeter of the window that you’ve cleaned. This will capture any accumulated window cleaning solution. You can also use another cloth at this point to wipe down the frame if want (or if you didn’t before).

In a few moments your window should be clean. Quickly verify that you’ve done a good job by looking at the reflection of the sky on different. You might have to bend down or stand up however once you see the reflection of the sky on your window you will be able to quickly see every last detail of the windows surface. At this point you may be able to get away with using the dry cloth to correct errors but bigger spots that you missed may have to be done again from scratch. Once you become familiar and comfortable with looking at the window on angle to clearly see the surface then you speed up your window cleaning endeavor by checking for errors as you use your squeegee. Correcting them quickly with your dry cloth will be easier then allowing them dry which may result in spots, lines, streaks, etc.

Avoiding the winter frost on windows is actually quite simple. Simply mix up to 2 cups of antifreeze with 1 gallon of window cleaning solution. You windows will be sure to be clean and shiny throughout those winter months.

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