How To Remove Decals From Windows

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Always start with a fresh stainless steel blade, and remember to use one of the various professional grade scrapers available on the market; either from a reputable hardware store or window cleaning supply house (like

With this window washing technique, first wet the entire glass surface area first, and remember to keep it wet throughout the entire process by re-applying solution as needed. I have found that with an initial construction clean-up glass can be covered with quite a bit of dust, and this can soak up your solution very quickly.

This is generally done due to additional debris on the window, and fabricating debris from the original manufacturing process. Work the area as gently as possible until all visible material has been removed – including the sticker, glue and any construction debris if applicable.

A simple retractable razor blade scraper is available at any hardware store and works well for removing small amounts of tape and other stubborn debris within your normal reach. The blade is 1-1/2 inches.

You may also want to use a 4-inch scraper by Ettore or Unger that fits on the end of an aluminum pole for scraping higher windows. This type of scraper is also more heavy-duty and removes large amounts of tape or residue. Always remember to wet the window on and around all areas to be scraped with a razor.





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