Window Cleaning Alternatives To Generate Income During The Off-Season

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If your window cleaning company mostly caters to residential properties, you may go through a slow season during the cold winter months. Some business owners use this as an opportunity to take time off and rest before the busy times of the year. Others find alternative services to offer their clients so they can generate some sort of income throughout the year. If you are interested in the second option, check out these window cleaning alternatives to boost your monthly earnings this winter.

Hang Christmas Lights And Set Up Outdoor Displays

A lot of affluent households will put up Christmas displays in their yards for other people to look at when they drive by. While some of them will do this work on their own, a lot of them will pay other people to put up their Christmas lights and decorations. This is not a terribly difficult process, and it is one you can easily learn about online. Start promoting your holiday decorating services in September or October, and then contact your clients again around the end of November. You could quickly pick up a number of jobs to do during your down time.

Offer Interior Cleaning Services

Your clients already trust you in their homes and businesses. If you decide to transition to household cleaning during the winter months, chances are you’ll pick up a lot of business from your current window cleaning customers, unless they work with a designated cleaning company at the moment. If you manage to earn a lot of money doing this, you may be able to expand your cleaning services when the season picks back up. This will ultimately lead to more money in your pocket.

Shovel Snow

Snow shoveling may not be the most glamorous career field in the world, but it is in high demand in the winter months. If you do not have a snow plow, you will need to stick to small driveways and sidewalks that you can hand-shovel. This job will be labor-intensive, but it can be a quick source of cash during the snowy months of the year. You just have to learn how to efficiently and effectively shovel snow on your own.

Think about what you want to do with your window cleaning company and decide what kinds of alternative services you may want to offer during the off season.