5 Reasons Why Your Window Cleaning Business Needs A Website

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One of the best things you can do for your window cleaning company is put up a website. This will not cost a whole lot of money to do, and it may even be something you put together on your own. Before you make the mistake of not starting a website, check out these five reasons why your window cleaning business needs a website.

Mobile Marketing

Studies show that 50% of mobile users visit a business within 1 DAY of their local search. Do you realize how much business that could generate for you? When people think of a business they want to contact, they do so right away on their phones. If you happen to show up in their searches, you’re going to be the one they call. A simple website could be your key to a slew of business in the coming years.

24 Hour Lead Generation

If you rely on phone calls to build up your client list, you will only get leads during regular business hours. Even if you direct calls to your cell phone, there will come a point in the night when you just stop answering them. On the internet, your future clients can contact you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will inevitably lead to more business for you.

Modern Day Advertising

Back in the day, generating new business was as simple as talking to people in your community and letting word of mouth spread. Nowadays though, the window cleaning industry is so saturated that you need a way to stay ahead of the competition. Online advertising is the modern day alternative to basic word of mouth, and one of the cornerstones to online advertising is having a website. This will set the foundation for the rest of your marketing efforts.

A Showcase Of Services

You can’t always be there to show people your window cleaning services. Clients who need proof of your abilities could go to your website to see before and after pictures of your work. Put up a services photo gallery on your website so people will know why you are worth hiring. This is your online resume, so use it well.

Global Outreach

When you put your window cleaning company online, you are no longer reaching out to your small community. Your site has the potential to reach clients from around the world. Sure, you won’t be traveling outside of your town, but who’s to say a new business coming to the area won’t find you before they get to town? Think big, get big. It’s as simple as that!