Using QuickBooks To Manage Window Cleaning Invoices: Part 1

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Managing your window cleaning invoices is part of running your own business. In order for your window cleaning company to succeed, you need a system to sort your incoming funds and pending transactions. QuickBooks is one of the most simplistic invoicing systems on the internet, and it is one that many window cleaners use for their day to day business. This guide will explain how to use QuickBooks to manage your window cleaning invoices.

What Is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a cloud-based invoicing platform that allows you to create and send invoices on the internet. You can use this to keep track of your monthly earnings, monitor your unpaid work, and present professional invoices to all of your clients. The invoices can be itemized to highlight the different window cleaning services you offer to each client, and they can be linked to a bank account for easy money management.

Best Invoicing Features For Window Cleaning Companies

Here is a look at the best features QuickBooks offers for small window cleaning companies:

  • Keep Up With Bank And Credit Card Transactions With Bank Syncing
  • Email Your Invoices To Save Money On Wasted Paper
  • Keep Track Of Your Monthly Earnings With Built-In Profit And Loss Statements To
  • Download Free Mobile Apps That Sync Your Account Information Instantly
  • Send Professional Invoices You Can Customize To Fit Your Needs
  • Save Client/Vendor Profiles So You Only Have To Enter The Information One Time
  • Accept Credit Card Payments Without Paying For A Separate Credit Card Processor

QuickBooks is far from the only invoicing system on the market, but it is definitely one that you should look into. We have worked with many successful window cleaners who have managed their invoices with QuickBooks, and they all say it is well worth learning about.

Note: QuickBooks Is Not Free, But It’s Worth The Investment

QuickBooks is not free to use every month. The first month is free, but after that, you will have to pay about $10 a month to use the service. There are different pricing options available, depending on your needs. You will have to pay separately if you want to accept credit card payments for your invoices as well. What little money you spend on QuickBooks should be well worth the management solutions you gain from it. Try it out for free and see what you think!

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