How To Upsell Your Window Cleaning Services

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Want to get more money from the clients you already work with? Doing so may be easier than you think! It all comes down to the art of upselling – promoting your services at an appropriate time so that your customers are inclined to pay for them. All you have to do is make the right suggestion at the right time, and you could instantly add to your income each month. Here is a basic guide explaining how to upsell your window cleaning services so you can grow your business successfully.

Know What You Have To Offer

Before you can upsell your services, you have to know what it is you’re upselling. What special services do you have to offer in addition to basic window cleaning services? Do you powerwash siding? Do you paint trim work? Do you clean high, hard-to-reach windows? Think about all of the services you offer at your window cleaning company and try to come up with more than the ones you are offering right now. Then you will have a go-to list to pull from in your heard when you’re upselling.

Look For A Need To Fulfill

If you try to upsell without a connection to the client’s needs, you’re going to come across as pushy and salesy. Customers will not respond well to this. You have to wait for them to mention something they need and then offer a solution for their problem. Not only will they be inclined to ask questions about your services, but they will also be less turned off by your upsell because they will assume it just came up by accident.

Work In An Upsell Where Possible

When you see the opportunity to upsell, seize it. Listen for phrases like these…

  • “I just wish there was some way I could….”
  • “I’m so frustrated with…”
  • “Do you know how I can…”
  • “I feel like…could be better.”
  • “Have you ever heard of…?”

These are statements that will usually involve some sort of service that your client needs. They may not directly ask about the service, but they will hint that they need something. That’s when you step up and say, “I just so happen to have experience in…” You can fill in the rest with whatever service you’re trying to upsell.

When all else fails, try offering more frequent window cleaning services for clients who feel that once a week or once a month isn’t enough. More visits equals more revenue for window cleaning – and you can’t beat that!