How To Handle Monthly Window Cleaning Contracts

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Monthly clients can keep your window cleaning company in business. These are the clients that you can depend on month after month to need your help and pay on time. Managing these monthly contracts takes a special set of actions that you will want to get familiar with. The tips below explain how to handle monthly window cleaning contracts so you can get the most out of this consistent and lucrative opportunity.

Offer Flat Rate Pricing

If you are getting consistent work for my client month after month, you should create a flat rate the charge them for your services. This might be at a slight discount than what you would offer for one-time clients because of the volume of work that you are guaranteed. You can adjust your bidding strategies to help you secure that monthly contract. If you know what you will earn and your client knows what he will pay every month, you will have a better working relationship.

Be Consistent With Your Invoicing

Whether you provide residential window cleaning services or commercial window cleaning services, you will need to send out invoices to your monthly clients. This will explain what you are charging them for your services so they can keep an accurate record of it. Be consistent with the time that you create and send out your invoices. You might do this at the first of the month, after you have completed your services, or sometime in between. If your clients can predict when they will be receiving the invoice from you, they will have a better opportunity to prepare to pay for your services.

Upsell Your Services

After you have worked with a client for a long time, you will have a better understanding of his or her needs. You can use this knowledge of your client as an opportunity to upsell your window cleaning services. That means that you can tell your client when he needs something outside of regular maintenance, even if it is not directly related to window cleaning. For instance, if you also clean gutters for your clients, you might suggest times to do that whenever you notice that there gutters are getting clogged. Take advantage of this opportunity and you can generate more income for your window cleaning company.

Secure as many monthly window cleaning contracts as you possibly can, and you will have a steady source of income for years to come.