Benefits Of Waterpoles For Window Cleaning

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A waterpole is a unique tool used in a number of cleaning services. It has the ability to reach places up to 65 feet tall, making it vital for cleaning high windows or dusty corners in multi-story buildings. If you find yourself limited in the jobs you can do because your extension pole just isn’t long enough, a waterpole might be a good fit for you. Let’s take a look at the benefits of waterpoles for window cleaning so you can determine if this tool will enhance your business.

Extended Reach

The most common reason why people invest in a window cleaning waterpole is because they need to reach a high area. The longest aluminum extension poles on the market only get about 30 feet in length, but waterpoles can go as high as 65 feet in the air. If you’re cleaning windows in a three or four story entryway, you would have to use scaffolding and ladders to gain access to the windows with a standard extension pole. With a waterpole, you can do all the cleaning you need safely from the ground.

Lightweight Construction

Waterpoles are typically made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber, both of which are much lighter than aluminum. Because of this, it is easier to control a waterpole at excessive heights, and it is easier to bring one with you to work. Waterpoles are more rigid than aluminum extension poles, making them the perfect window cleaning tools for high rise buildings. You can get the results you want every time, even if the window is too high to scrub by hand.

Interchangeable Parts

Most waterpoles are designed with interchangeable parts that you can use to attach standard window cleaning tools to. You can get special adapters to work with European or ACME thread components, depending on what you use on a day to day basis. Simply put, your waterpole can adjust to do just about any job you want it to do.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Want a new way to impress your clients? Tell them you use “state of the art cleaning tools.” That doesn’t mean that you have a Roomba for windows that automatically cleans and squeegees for you. It just means that you have invested in the right equipment to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Current and potential clients will be impressed by your professionalism, and you can reap the benefits of a stronger, more versatile to take with you on the job site.