Make A Lasting Impression On New Clients

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Landing a new client is a great accomplishment, but it means nothing if you can’t keep them around. You’ve already conquered the task of converting a lead to a sale. Now you have to make sure the sale lasts well into the future. The guide below explains how to make a lasting impression on new clients so they keep coming back for more.

Make The First Job A GREAT One

The first time you do work for a new client, pull out all the stops. Of course, you should always strive to do great work, but that first effort needs to be truly amazing. This is the time that clients are most likely to inspect your work in detail. Once you have an established relationship with them, they will trust that you are doing a good job each time. You have to prove yourself before that can happen.

Show Up On Time Or Early

Punctuality means a lot to people, even if they don’t act like they care. If you say you are going to be at the house at 4:00 PM, get there at 3:50. Make sure you allow ample time to get to the job site on that day so your clients do not feel like you are going to be consistently late. Sometimes it’s impossible to predict problems that arise, but try to avoid those as much as possible on the first day.

Dress Professionally

If you have a work uniform, make sure you wear for that first encounter. If not, wear a solid-colored shirt and pants to make yourself look as professional as possible. Even if you’re doing a “dirty job,” you should still make the home or business owner feel like you operate a clean business. Your personal appearance will make all the difference.

Smile While You Work

Your new clients may take a peek at what you’re doing while you’re on the job. Maintain a happy appearance, and show them that you take pride in your work. If they ask you what you are doing, engage them in conversation and explain your process the best you can. Keep a friendly attitude the whole time so your new clients can feel comfortable working with you.

Schedule The Next Appointment

At the close of the job, ask your client if he or she would like to schedule the next appointment with you. If you already have a weekly or monthly contract in place, you may want to remind the person of when you will be coming out next. Tell them to contact you if they have any questions about the work that you did, and leave the job site looking just as clean as it did when you arrived.

As long as you make a great first impression, you will be able to keep your new client for years to come.