Should I Have Window Cleaning Company Uniforms?

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Uniforms and small businesses don’t always go hand-in-hand. There are plenty of mom-and-pop stores that feature laidback men and women in overalls and loungewear. Why should your new window cleaning company be any different, right?

Investing in uniforms for your business could do wonders for your ability to pick up and maintain clients. You might actually be surprised by just how powerful this small purchase can be. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one working in the business – you should have window cleaning company uniforms. Here are the reasons why…

Look Bigger Than You Actually Are

You may be a one-man window cleaning company, but your clients don’t have to know that! If you show up in a company uniform, your clients will automatically assume you have a whole crew behind you. This will make them trust you more, and it will give you a more powerful selling platform. A uniform may be the difference between, “I’m pretty happy with my current window cleaner,” and “Sure I’ll work with you!”

Make A Good Impression From The Start

Think back to the intro paragraph when we discussed the mom-and-pop store run by Mr. Overalls and Mrs. Pajama Pants. What would you think about the owners if that was the work wear you were greeted with? Would you think they were sloppy? Dirty? Unkempt? Unprofessional? People are going to have the same thoughts about you if you show up in a T-shirt and jeans. Invest in something as simple as a work-shirt with a company logo, and you will make a great first impression every time.

Spare Your Personal Clothes From Getting Dirty

If we step away from the client-side of things, having a work uniform gives you an article of clothing that you are not afraid to get dirty. This will save you from having to buy new clothes for your personal life because they will stay clean and away from the job.

Establish A Strong Brand For Your Window Cleaning Company

One of the keys to a successful advertising campaign – and a successful business in general – is having a strong brand that people can remember. If your company logo is on your uniform, your vehicle, your business cards, and more, you will make an impression on your clients’ minds. The more recognizable your window cleaning brand becomes, the better your business will be.