Take Great Before And After Pictures

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If you want to draw in more clients for your cleaning business, you might want to post some before and after pictures on your website. These photos show clients the kinds of results they can expect to get when they work with your company. You can buy stock photos online, but ideally, you need to showcase your team working in your local community. People will respond well to this.

The guide below explains how to use before and after pictures to promote your cleaning company so you can get the most out of this opportunity.

Where Should I Take The Photos?

To truly make a statement with before and after pictures, you need images that show a dramatic transformation. Thus it may be best to set before and after photo sessions up when you first work on a project, assuming the windows have not been cleaned in a while. Of course, you need to choose clients that are willing to have their properties featured on your website. Ask the client for permission to use their photos online before you post them, and ask if they want their names or businesses listed by the photos.

Convey Your Services In Photos

Use this opportunity to show people how you work and what they can expect throughout the process. You might want to take pictures before, during, and after so your future clients can get a full view of the service as it happens. If you want to specialize in a certain area, such as commercial window cleaning, you may select clients who requested said service from you. Tell a story with your images if you want people to take notice of them.

Show Off Your Versatility

In order to show off your wide range of skills, you need to think about getting different before and after pictures for the various services you want to offer your clients. If all of your pictures look the same, people will think you only perform one or two services. Show them a little variation, and you will get much better results.

Taking The Perfect Before And After Photos

Use a high quality camera to take pictures of your work, and try to capture comprehensive images of your work. Some changes are only noticeable close-up, and others are best seen from far away. Take the photos when the sun is not shining directly on the windows so you do not get a glare.  Think about what you would want to see when researching a cleaning company, and use that as a guide for your business photography.