Should I Hire A Salesperson For My Window Washing Business?

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Many businesses in the construction industry have a staff of salespeople that earn commission from generating leads for the company. The more contracts they establish, the more money they make. This works out well for everyone involved because the construction company gets more work, which turns into more income for the business owner, workers, and the salespeople involved.

While the salesperson business model may work for some industries, the question now is whether not it will work for a window washing business. Let’s take a closer look at this process to determine if hiring a salesperson is right for you.

Advantages Of Hiring A Salesperson For Your Window Washing Business

The obvious advantage to hiring a salesperson for your window washing company is that this person will bring in new clients for you. This saves you time in reaching out to new clients, going to meet with them in person, and setting up the contract. You can focus on purely washing windows and let someone else take over the leg work.

Another advantage to this setup is the fact that the salesperson gets paid based on the number of leads he brings then. This motivates that person to reach out more aggressively than you might want to because he is relying on lead generation to earn a living. You may settle for the contracts that you have now because they are enough to support your family, but this person will go above and beyond to make sure that you have ample work for now and in the future. If you get enough clients established, you may be able to hire a whole team of employees to work for your window washing business.

Disadvantages Of Hiring A Salesperson For Your Window Washing Business

The downside to having a salesperson working for your window washing business is that you obviously have another person to pay. This will cut down on the money that you earn per contract. You may be able to make up for this with the amount of leads that the person brings then, but if you are only getting a few extra clients per month, the sacrifice may not be worth the reward.

Another factor to keep in mind is that you may get more contracts than you can logically handle. Of course, this gives you an opportunity to hire new employees and expand your business, but if you are looking to keep things simple and manageable for just yourself, this would not be a good idea for you.

So, Should I Hire A Salesperson Or Not?

At the end of the day, you have to determine whether or not bringing in more business is worth the money you may have to pay out to have a sales person on your team. You may simply ask your spouse or your older children to do your outreach for you and save the cost of having to pay a salesperson to work independently. Assess your options and settle on the best business model for your window washing company.