How To Transition To Self-Employment With Your Window Cleaning Company

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Many people choose to start a window cleaning company because they want to own their own business, be their own boss, and set their own rules. In order to do this effectively though, you need to make a smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur. The tips below explain how to transition to self-employment with your window cleaning company so you are fully prepared for this new lifestyle.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Right Away

We admire people who fully commit to starting a window cleaning business, but realistically, you need to keep a steady job until you build up a client list. If your spouse has a well-paying job that can cover your household expenses, then you may be able to start your business right away. If not though, you will need to clean windows part time in order to keep up with your bills while you gain new clients. You can make the official switch once you have a strong enough customer base to be financially secure.

Research The Window Cleaning Industry Thoroughly

Be aware of everything that goes into owning a window cleaning business, like bidding for jobs and working on a seasonal schedule. The only way to truly earn a good living in any business adventure is to understand what you are getting into early on. Do your research well in advance to prepare for life as an entrepreneur.

Understand The Expenses Of Self-Employment

Business owners have the opportunity to earn a lot of money, but they also have a lot of expenses they have to cover. You won’t pay much in window cleaning supplies or employee wages at first, but you will have to pay for business taxes, advertising materials, fuel, accounting software, and more. Be prepared to spend at least 25% of your income each month covering these expenses, if not more. You can still turn a profit, but it may not be as high as you expect.

Prepare To Discipline Yourself

You will need to have some self-discipline when you own your own business because there will not be anyone there to tell you what to do. If you are naturally a procrastinator, you will have to conquer that quality in yourself in order to maintain jobs and make as much money as possible. Self-employment isn’t for everyone, no matter how great it may seem. Make sure you are ready for this line of work before you become a full time business owner.