How To Handle A Demanding Cleaning Client

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As much as we would love to say that every cleaning client will be your best friend, chances are you will come across at least one or two demanding customers in your window cleaning work. Some people have strong opinions about how their business or home should look, and as a service provider, it is your job to accommodate then. With this in mind, dealing with difficult clients can be frustrating and overwhelming if you are not prepared for the battle ahead. The tips below will help you deal with difficult window cleaning clients so you can maintain a good working relationship.

Listen Closely To Their Demands

One of the greatest skills you can learn as a business owner is how to be a good listener. You need to learn how to take the information the client is giving you and apply that to your services. This will save you from having to redo the same job time and time again. Identify the core problems that your client brings up, and make sure you focus on those the next time you work on their home or business.

Maintain A Pleasant Demeanor

Have you ever heard the phrase “kill them with kindness”? This needs to be your mantra when working with difficult clients. In many cases, you can cut down their demands and reduce the stress on both ends by being polite and pleasant when you talk to your client. Just make sure that you were politeness doesn’t come across as passive aggression. If you put on a fake smile that your client can detect, you are liable to make them even more upset.

Remember That The Customer Is Always Right

This may seem a bit cliché to harp on, but the fact is that your clients pay your bills at the end of the day. If they have certain demands that you have not met, do everything you can to go above and beyond their expectations. You never know when that one demanding client could lead to a slew of good work in the future. All you have to do is put yourself out there and try. Even if you do not agree with what the client is asking you to do, you should find a way to work out a solution.

Provide Alternative Options For Their Demands

If your client is asking for something that is unreasonable or out of your area of expertise, you may need to provide alternative solutions that will fulfill their needs. If this requires you to do extra work, you will need to advise the clients there will be an additional charge for this service because of the additional effort that has to be made (perfect upselling opportunity!). As long as you do a good job, your client should be more than happy to pay for the extra cost.