Tips For Finding An Office Space: Part 1

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If your cleaning business expands well enough, you may eventually need an actual office space to operate from. There are many obstacles and elements that you have to consider before committing to a location.  Your office space is just as important to your business as your logo, slogan, website, and everything else that makes up your corporate brand.  Here are some tips to help you figure out which office space is just right for your company.

Assess What Your Company Really Needs

Finding an office space is similar to putting a puzzle together.  Before you can see the full picture, you need to know what the pieces are.  Your office needs to fit your needs, your budget, and your business plan. Ask yourself the following questions:

What amenities do you need for your business

You know your business better than anyone, so you know what tools and amenities you need to operate. Examples include

  • Landline Phone Service
  • High Speed Internet
  • Optional Loading Dock
  • Easy Access To The Highway
  • Cable Or Satellite TV Services
  • City Water (vs Well Water)
  • Central Heat And Air

These amenities will factor into the location you choose for your office space. Some may be needs and some may be wants, but they all need to be considered when choosing a location.

How much space do you need? What do you need the space for?  

The amount of space you need will depend on the nature of your business.  A financial planner might get away with operating from a single office, while a large tax firm may need a series of offices and conference rooms. Consider the current and future needs for space you have with your business so you do not move into something that is too big or too small. There is no sense investing in a location that you have to move out of in the first year.

Keep in mind the furniture and equipment you need to run your business when you start assessing special requirements. For instance, if you run a print studio, you may need a large room to house your copy and print equipment. If you host board meetings and other events, you may need a conference room that can support a large table, chairs, buffet tables, and more.

If you do not know how much space you need, measure a room in your home or current office that acts as a good reference point. If your office needs to be at least the size of your master bedroom, you can see how much square footage you need to work with. It’s better to get slightly more space than you need than to try cramming into a small office that isn’t sufficient. Keep that in mind when you select your business location.

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