Building A Brand For Your Business

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There is a big difference between a business name and a brand. The name you utilize for your business is just that – a name. Your brand is your business’s “persona” – something that your customers need to remember if you are truly going to be a success. Build the right brand early on, and you could be as iconic as “Roto Rooter” or “Merry Maids” in the future. Here are some brand building tips for window washers that you can use to put yourself on the map.

Come Up With A Catchy Business Name

Your business name plays an influential role in your brand as a whole. It needs to be catchy, memorable, and simple all at the same time. You may get away with something quirky like “2 Guys On A Ladder,” or you may need something straight-forward like “Wanda’s Window Washing.” This is going to be the foundation for your brand, so it needs to be strong and powerful. Check out our guide for creating a window cleaning business name so you can get ideas for your company.

Get A Great Logo Or Mascot

People don’t always remember names, but they will remember images. When you think about a company like McDonald’s, what do you see in your head? The red strip with white lettering or the big gold arches? You need your own set of arches for your brand. This may be a mascot of some sort that ties into your company name, like a cheetah to represent speed or an elephant shooting water on a window. You might spend a little time working with a graphic designer to come up with a good logo design or business mascot to incorporate into your brand development.

Create An Online Persona

Your brand is largely dependent on the persona you convey in your marketing materials, logo, website, and your interactions with your clients. One of the easiest ways to establish this by writing in a certain style on your social media accounts. For instance, you may choose fun articles to put on your Facebook business page or other social networking profiles. Taco Bell has done a great job with this over the years, putting up hilarious Tweets on their Twitter account that keep customers coming back for more. Establish a similarly memorable persona for your business, and you’ll be able to draw in new clients time and time again.