Tips For Finding An Office Space: Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

Assess What Your Company Really Needs (Continued)

What is your budget?  

Of course, a great office location means nothing if you cannot afford to pay for it. When it comes to choosing an office space, it is best to start with a conservative budget. That way, you have extra funds leftover in case you need to remodel or invest in new equipment or furniture for the business. Find the best location available within your budget, and you can always look at expanding in the future.

Find A Location That Meets Your Personal Expectations

Everybody has a unique way of accomplishing their business goals, no matter what industry you work in. When you start assessing which location is best for your business, try to find a place that will make you the most productive. You are the company’s first employee and you will be the first one to bring in the business for your company.  You have to determine what you need in order to succeed.

How Your Location Impacts Your Productivity:

  • Great Views – Some find it inspiring, while others find it distracting
  • Corner Office – Maximum exposure that comes at a price
  • Street Access – Will depend on the clients and shipments you have coming in
  • In-town vs. Out-of-town – Again, will depend on your clients
  • Proximity To Similar Businesses – May draw in new clients, or it may drive them to your competitors
  • Overall Environment – Do you feel ready to work when you get there?

You have to consider your personal work style when you choose a location for your office space because it could be the difference between expansion and bankruptcy. Of course, if you spend most of your time out of the office, you may need to think about the work style of your employees. If you think your assistant, secretary, etc. will work better with windows and a view, find an office to accommodate that.

Consider Your Commute To Work And To Your Job Sites

As the primary employee for your business, you need to find a location that will be easy for you to access. Running your own operation gives you the flexibility to minimize your commute times based on where you plan to live or where you do most of your business. As long as you find a productive, safe, pleasant environment to work in, you can choose a location that’s close to home, or close to the majority of your clients.

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