The Right Way To Fire A Bad Employee

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One of the most dreaded aspects of owning your own business is firing a bad employee. If someone working for you is unproductive, disrespectful, negligent, or simply unqualified to work in your window cleaning business, you may need to terminate your work with that employee. Not only does this protect your reputation and your company image, but it also ensures that your high quality standards are maintained.

If you are looking worried about event like this in the future, check out this guide explaining the right way to fire a bad employee.

Have A Legitimate Reason For Firing Your Bad Employee

Before you start contemplating whether not to fire someone, you need to make sure there is a legitimate reason for doing so. You have the right to maintain work relationships with whomever you want to, but when it comes to firing someone, you need to have a justifiable reason. Otherwise, the employee may file a wrongful termination case against you, which could cost you a lot of money in and. Identify specific reasons why the employee is no longer a good fit for your company, and make sure you explain them when you go about firing him.

Have A Face-To-Face Meeting

Out of respect for your employee, you should schedule a face to face meeting with the person to explain why you are firing him and when the termination will be effective. Give the person a two week notice so that he may go about finding other work in the meantime. The exception to this rule is when an employee needs to be fired for stealing, vandalism, or committing another act that that you or your customers in danger. During the meeting, explain the reasons you came up with for firing him and wish him success in his future endeavors.

Be Prompt With The Final Paycheck

If your firing right on the spot, the easiest thing to do is to write his final paycheck at that moment say you no longer have to be in communication with one another. If you’re giving someone a two week notice, prepare to have to paycheck at the end of the working relationship. Even if you normally pay on a net 15 or net 30 basis, you should try to make the final paycheck come about it quickly as possible.

Any time you hire an assistant for your window cleaning company, you run the risk of firing him in the future. Hopefully you never need the business tips above, but if you do, at least now you will be prepared to end the relationship on a positive note.