Window Cleaning Pricing

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Window Cleaning Pricing Made Easy

When you start your own business, one of the hardest tasks to master is window cleaning pricing. What should I charge for my window cleaning services? When should I increase my rates? Am I charging less than I really should? These are common business fundamental questions you’ll face in the early stages of your entrepreneurship.

Eventually you will get a feel for the market and pricing in your area, but until then, use the information below to guide you in bidding for new contracts.

Factors That Influence Good Window Cleaning Pricing

Listed below are several  factors that will influence your window cleaning pricing.

1: Commercial Window Cleaning vs. Residential Window Cleaning

Commercial clients tend to pay more for their window cleaning because they have more at stake. Clean windows ultimately lead to more customers coming in the door. With that in mind, you may be able to offer a slight discount for their services if they opt for a long-term, year-round contract.

If you service multiple commercial clients in a single area, such as a strip mall, you can offer a significant discount on window washing pricing – as much as 50%.

2: Time Spent On The Job

Try to price your services so you make $40 an hour, or a comparable amount for your area. Example:

  • 5 Minutes = $4 – $5
  • 10 Minutes = $7 – $8
  • 30 Minutes = $10
  • 60 Minutes = $40

Of course, you will have to know how long it takes you to complete one window. That’s where the next tip comes into play.

3: Window Style – Number Of Panes, Shape, And Size

It is easier to clean one giant window pane than it is to clean a window with 15 small panes. This needs to influence your pricing. You may charge $3 a pane, $5 a pane, $10 a pane – it all depends on the size, shape, style, and overall effort it takes to complete the job.

4: Supplies And Special Expenses

If you need any special supplies to complete a job, factor that into your window cleaning pricing. Also consider the cost of fuel if you clean windows for a client well outside your area.

Research Before You Bid

Before you approach a new client, research what other window cleaning companies charge for their services. This will vary based on where you live and how high the demand is for window washing near you. If you work under another company before you start your own business, you may already have an idea of what to charge. Otherwise, you could ask friends and family members to get quotes from other companies and use that data come up with your window cleaning pricing.

Ask What Your Clients Already Pay

If you are meeting a client who already gets window cleaning or has in the recent past, ask what he is used to paying. This will give you a baseline for your quote. For clients with current services, you may want to quote a slightly lower price to remain competitive. For clients who have had window washing in the past, you can simply offer to perform the service for the same price. In most cases, the clients will be happy to continue paying the same amount.

Customize your window cleaning pricing as you learn more about your skills and abilities in this industry.

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