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Residential Window Cleaning ForumFrom the beginning, our window cleaning forum was one of the nation’s leading web application for holding discussions and posting user-generated content about the window cleaning business. Many users enjoy a sense of virtual community that develops around regular users interacting at all levels of the window cleaning business talking about fundamentals and everyday problem solving.

Window Academy was hosting our window cleaning forum even before the first training package was sold, and this has proven to be an excellent venue for learning about the window cleaning business. As an added value, even some seasoned pros have learned a thing or two about cleaning windows so be prepared to learn and help others succeed. Unlike other window cleaning forums on the web ours is carefully monitored every day.

Dan or I will respond personally to posts that you and your fellow colleagues make, and we generate interesting discussion and provide the latest info on what’s happening in the window cleaning industry. Users are personally mentored buy us, and also get insight from others around the country and abroad. This window cleaning forum can’t be beat… We hear complaints all the time from people who have gotten bad advice on other forums, and this is mostly because there is no one monitoring that particular window cleaning forum.

So why waste time, get bad advice, and risk losing a customer, when you could have us right there by your side, every day, on this (Top ranked) window cleaning forum (Free with your Platinum Training Package).

RECENTLY ADDED: Now you can up-load pictures of your bids onto the window cleaning forum and get the help you need with pricing your new window cleaning jobs!


This is a very popular Forum, and many folks try to join for free – NOTE: You must register with the same Email address you used to purchase your Training Package, or you will NOT be approved. Users must first create a username and password. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email confirmation to proceed. You definitely don’t want to get stuck out there alone… Below is an example of one of the questions someone recently asked on our Forum, and we thought this was a good one for you to see:

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We’re Looking For Some People Who Would Love To Be Highly Successful The Window Cleaning Business!



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