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A good business name is the key to your success. Would you hire a company named “Clueless Guys Cleaning Windows”? Of course not. There is an infinite number of window cleaning business names to choose from, so finding the right one for you may seem like a daunting task. The guide below will help you sort through your options and find the right company name for taking care of this small business fundamental.

Elements To Use In Your Window Cleaning Business Name

You can create any business name you like, but the features below are proven to be effective in lead generation:

  • Location: People are more likely to trust local businesses in many cases, and local business names make for great internet marketing
  • Keywords: Using words like “window cleaning” and “window washing” in your business name will tell potential clients exactly what you do, and they also help build content for your website.
  • Action Words: Words like “fast” and “speedy” are great for business names because they tell quickly capture people’s attention.
  • Descriptive Words: Other great words to use in your business name are “cheap,” “friendly,” “professional,” etc. Promote your biggest selling point directly in your business name to build new clientele.

There are other elements you may want to add to your business name, like your last name or something quirky you think people will be drawn to. For example, you can find successful moving companies all across the companies named “2 Dudes And A Truck” or “Buff Guys Hauling Junk.” These names are not ideal from a marketing standpoint, but their uniqueness sparks intrigue in potential clients. You will have to weigh out your options to determine which setup is right for you.

Let The Internet Influence You Business Name

Since internet marketing is one of the biggest tools you can use to promote your window washing business, you really need to consider it when selecting a business name. Consider keywords that people look for when they want to find a business like yours, and see if you can incorporate them into your name. You should also verify that there is a domain name available for your website that matches your business name. You can check this using any web hosting site, like GoDaddy.

Window Cleaning Business Names For Franchises

If you choose to work under an existing franchise, you may not have a say in your business name. A restaurant owner cannot sell McDonald’s products and call his business “Bob’s Burger Hut.” If you want to create your own identity and brand, you will need to avoid working under another business.

Use the tips above, and you are sure to come up with the right business name for you.

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