Should I Advertise My Window Cleaning Company In The Phone Book?

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The phone book used to be a primary source of business for cleaning companies, construction workers, doctors, lawyers, and everyone in between. As smartphones and the internet started to become more acceptable, people began throwing away the yellow pages in favor of Google. Nevertheless, there are still people who use the phonebook when they need to find a company that provides a certain service. Tis will get you thinking, “Should I advertise my window cleaning company in the phone book?”

Let’s take a minute to assess your options and determine if this is a wise investment for you.

Big Expense For A Small Return On Investment

Phone book advertising can get very expensive. Even a basic ad in a small town phone book will cost you several hundred dollars a year. Advertise in a metropolis like Detroit or Minneapolis and you can expect to pay $1,000+ for a single ad. You’re paying for the exposure the phone book can bring to your business, but exposure doesn’t always lead to sales. In most cases, the amount of clients you get from the phone book are barely enough to cover your advertising expenses.

A Dying Marketing Strategy

Even though there are people who still use the phone book, their numbers are dwindling by the day. Investing in phone book advertising is almost like putting an ad in a pay phone booth. Sure, pay phones are still around, but how often do you actually see people using them? It would be better to advertise your window cleaning company online to keep up with modern trends, instead of living in the past and hoping for the best.

The Modern Alternative

Advertising online is the modern day alternative to phone book advertising. This has the potential to reach a much larger set of people, and it will cost you less money to do in the long run. Here are a few options you have for marketing your window cleaning business online:

  • Start A Website For Your Window Cleaning Company That Shows Off Your Services
  • Get Your Company Listed On Google Maps, Yelp, Angie’s List, And Other Directories
  • Pay For Google Advertising To Generate New Leads
  • Start A Facebook Or Twitter Campaign To Get New Customers For Your Window Cleaning Company

There are dozens of other ways to go about marketing your business online, and almost all of them will be cheaper than advertising in the phone book. Explore your internet marketing opportunities before paying to be in the yellow pages.