Printable Marketing Materials

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Marketing is key to drawing customers, clients, and guests to your business. You cannot be successful if you do not have people to use the services or products you are selling. While internet marketing is certainly an option worth investing in, it may also be wise for you to invest in some printable media to help you promote your business. You can the printing on your own, or you could outsource the work to a printing studio. Here is a list of some printable marketing materials for cleaning businesses that you could use to advertise offline.

Business Cards

Business cards are a go-to marketing material for every service industry. You can use them when you meet potential new clients, go out for a bid, or meet up with other businesses who want to promote your services to their customers. While you can print business cards from home, you’ll be better off ordering a set from a professional printing company. Here at Window Academy, we have tested and proven business card designs for window cleaners that are welcome to explore.


Flyers are great forms of promotion, especially if you run a small business that you want to promote within your own community. You can pass these out at local stores or send them out in the mail to announce a big change or sale within the company. You could also hang them on church billboards, community message boards, and more.

Door Hangers

An alternative to sending flyers in the mail is putting door hangers in a neighborhood you’re interested in working in. since most homeowners are at work during the day, you may have a hard time marketing to them during your work hours. Simply hang a door hanger with your contact information and an example of your work, and see if anyone reaches out to you.

Window Stickers

Window stickers are great for promoting your window cleaning services because they are directly attached to your work. It would be best to put these on commercial buildings that you clean because they are the ones that will get consistent traffic. Avoid stickers with adhesive backings, as those may be hard to remove in the future. Look for cling-on stickers instead that you can hang u and take down at any time.

These are just some of the many options you have to print promotional items for your company. Take the time to look over the other options available to you, and you will be printing your way to success in no time.