Questions Clients Ask Cleaners

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Every bid you put in for a cleaning contract is a job interview, even if it is in an informal setting. If you want to land the job every time, you need to be prepared for the questions your clients may ask you. You don’t need to have a script to follow, but you should have some idea of what you are going to say. Listed below are common questions clients ask cleaning companies, and what you can do to prepare for them.

What Are Your Specialties?

Your clients want to know what you do best. For instance, if you are bidding on a job at a high-rise building, the client may want to know if you have experience with commercial or high rise window cleaning. Another way they may phrase this question would be, “What are your most sought after services?” Make sure your answers reflect your honest abilities.

Could I Get A Quote?

You should always offer free quotes to your potential clients. This is an industry standard that most clients expect. Schedule a time to go out to the person’s home or office to see what they need in person. Then you can see what you’ll have to pay for cleaning services.

Do You Work In My Area?

Of course, your clients want to make sure that your cleaning company can come out to their home or business. Some cleaners don’t have the resources to travel outside of their local community, especially in the case of independent cleaning professionals. If you cannot commute, you need to let the client know that ahead of time. You may even ask the client where he or she lives at the start to avoid wasting time on an unnecessary interview.

Do You Offer Green Cleaning Services?

Many cleaning companies nowadays offer green cleaning services in an attempt to help the environment. Do not be surprised if you get asked about green cleaning services. You may look into offering these services at a higher premium, as most people expect to pay a little more for eco-friendly products. You may even go as far as to specialize as a green window cleaner, if there is a demand for that service in your area.

Do You Have References?

You wouldn’t go to a job interview without references in hand, right? Don’t bid on a project without references either. Ask some of your best clients if they would be willing to speak on your behalf. You might be surprised by how many people actually take the time to check those references out.