Should I Have A Business Facebook Page?

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Social media has changed the way people market their businesses and communicate with their customers. Facebook has turned into a modern day phonebook, filled with thousands of profiles of restaurants, stores, and service providers around the world. With this in mind, you may wonder, “Should I have a business Facebook page?” Let’s take a look at what this may involve so you can determine if social media marketing is right for you.

The Purpose Of A Business Facebook Page

A Facebook business page serves several purposes, and all of them could lead to new leads for your company. Your profile, also known as a Facebook fan page, will…

  • Establish Your Brand Online
  • Show Your Customers You Keep Up With Modern Trends
  • Connect With People In Your Community
  • Create A Buzz About Your Business Online
  • Showcase Reviews From Satisfied Customers
  • Generate Traffic For Your Website
  • Build A Persona For Your Company

Think of this as an extension of your website, highlighting your services, contact information, hours of operation, and so much more. your clients can learn about your business 24 hours a day from their smartphones, tablets, and home computers, giving you the exposure you need to grow your business and improve your profit margins along the way.

The Undeniable Power Of Facebook

A staggering 936 million people use Facebook every single day! If just 1% of 1% of those users saw your business Facebook page each day, you’d get nearly 100,000 new viewers every 24 hours. Think about that!

Traditional word of mouth marketing is still effective, but it does not have nearly as much power as social media marketing. A business can go from startup to success in a matter of days with the viral potential of Facebook sharing and online discussions. Companies like Taco Bell, Dell, Old Spice, and Zappos are tapping into this amazing opportunity and using it to build their brands around the world. Why couldn’t you do the same with your business?

It’s Easy And Free – Why Not Try It?

Facebook is free to join and easy to use. Why not give it a go and see what it does for you? Even if you don’t get a single lead from your Facebook page, the time you spend working on it will help boost the visibility of your website and your brand as a whole online. If you want to take full advantage of Facebook and other social networks like Twitter and Google Plus, contact Window Academy to learn more about our custom marketing plans. We’ll work with you to come up with the perfect solution for your business.