Bring Your Child To Work

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Take your child to work day may not seem as eventful when you own your own business because you do not work in a traditional office environment. If you own your own window cleaning business, you might be hesitant to bring your child to work with you. However, doing so may give him the opportunity to learn about your work and gain new skills to better his life in the future. Here are some quick tips for bringing your child to work for your window washing company.

Consider Your Child’s Age And Maturity

Before you bring your child to work with you, you need to make sure he is old enough and mature enough to handle traveling around. Children under the age of 6 tend to get very restless in the car, especially if they do not get a chance to play throughout the day. Since this the window cleaning industry requires a lot of driving, you need to make sure your child it’s comfortable doing that. If you think you will experience nothing but temper tantrums and fits throughout the day, you may be better off finding a babysitter see you do not sacrifice your productivity.

Lessons To Teach Your Child At Work

There are many subtle lessons that you can teach your child while spending time with him at work. Examples include:

  • How To Speak To Others In A Professional Manner
  • How To Collect And Manage Money
  • How To Make A Work Schedule And Stick To It
  • How To Organize Supplies
  • How To Keep A Clean Workspace

You may not realize just how many skills you use every day on the job, but your child will soak them up like a sponge. Make sure you are a shining example of both a business owner and a quality employee so your child can learn from the best.

Bond With Your Child At Work

At the end of the day, and bring your child to work with you can create a possible positive bonding experience for both of you. If your child asks questions throughout the day, do not hesitate to answer them. Some of them may seem silly, foolish, or downright insignificant, but they matter to your child. By communicating with one another and spending quality time together throughout the day, you can create a bond that is even stronger than it was before.

Use the upcoming summer months to show your child how you make a living and what you do in your line of work. You never know, your kid may one day take over your window washing company.